Courteney Cox slips into a tiny bikini to celebrate her 56th birthday with a dive epic swan


Courteney Cox has attracted the attention on his 56th birthday in style by sharing a video of her performing a dive is impressive.The former actress’s Friends looked amazing as she dove into the water wearing a bikini in tie chic.

In the slow-motion video, Courtney showed her belly incredibly tense and its members are toned as she jumped head-first into the water.

“Dive gracefully this next year … “, she joked in the caption, adding the hashtag ‘oaf’.

Courteney has celebrated her last birthday in plunging head-first into a swimming pool

This has not proven to be as gracefully as she had hoped

The friends of famous star Monica Geller rushed to send him his birthday wishes.

Comedian Chelsea Handler wrote: “Happy birthday, CC!” while actress Kate Hudson has sent him a string of love hearts.

Fans of the Friends were also delighted to see former co-stars Courteney devote special articles.

Courteney celebrates its 56 years old today

Lisa Kudrow, who is one of the close friends of Courteney in real life, has shared a photo of them huddled together.

“Happy birthday @courteneycoxofficial, My genius, generous, beautiful and has founded a very good FRIEND. I love you. ”

Despite his joy apparent at the age of 56 years, Courteney has previously admitted that she had struggled to grow old, and had turned to fillers to try to freeze its appearance.

Having said that it recognized the sentence, Courteney decided she was too far gone and had diluted all the treatments.

“You must accept to grow old, and it is something that I’ve been struggling to do,” she told the magazine People.

“I only realized that one day, I’m a little down and I said to myself:” Oh, I not like me.

“Now, I embrace just who I am and the older I get, with what God has given me, not with what I was trying to change,” she added.

Courteney was 30 years old when she got the role in Friends

Actress Courteney Cox
Courteney said that she had gone too far with the putty and that the products had been dissolved

Last month, Courteney has delighted a fan of Friends joining for a virtual meeting on the webchat.

Naftali Arden has organized a bar-mitzvah, on the theme of “friends” and was stunned to receive a call from a Courteney impressed.

The tables in the event of Naftali were named after the six main characters of the show and there was a table of football like that of the apartment of Joey and Chandler for the guests.

Courteney said to the teenager ravi – born two years after the end of Friends in 2004 – that she send him a football as a gift after his efforts.


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