Could the “Space Force” launch a legal battle between Netflix and the military?


There have been breakthrough developments in the world of the US Space Force. Unfortunately, we are not heading to Mars yet. On the contrary, the military branch can find itself in a bizarre legal battle. It turns out that the new Netflix show, Space force, along with Steve Carell, could face the military branch in court. And this is not the first time that the US Space Force has found itself at the end of a joke.

This Space Force logo looks familiar

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Star trek fans across the country all shook their heads in disbelief when the U.S. Space Force debuted. It had less to do with the notion of a military branch than with its logo.

When the branch started, Donald Trump went on Twitter to post the logo. He wrote: “After consulting with our great military leaders, our designers and others, I am pleased to present the new logo of the United States Space Force, the sixth branch of our magnificent army!”

The Trekkies quickly noticed that the Space Force logo looked strangely familiar. In fact, it was only a width of hair far from the Starfleet logo. The two logos have a sort of pyramid shape with a cut corner at the bottom and a wheezing shooting star around the logo itself, with a handful of stars in the background.

George Takei went on Twitter to joke: “Ahem. We expect royalties from that… ”.

Things only got worse for the new military branch when citizens finally saw their uniforms – which involved traditional green, black and brown camouflage. Not exactly suitable for going unnoticed in the darkness of space ink.

What is Netflix’s “Space Force”?

Meanwhile, Netflix launched a Space force own – a new comedy with Steve Carell. The show also presents the work of Greg Daniels, who co-created Parks and recreation and Office.

Other talents include Jimmy O. Yang, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Diania Silvers and Ben Schwartz, among others. Space force sees Carell take on the role of Mark R. Naird, who struggles with his new role as commander of the last military branch.

The show seems to bring a lot of fun to the US Space Force, as well as to Donald Trump. For example, the show refers to Trump’s tendency to engage in hard-to-analyze Twitter tirades.

In one of these scenes, the Secretary of Defense, played by John Blandsmith, states: “POTUS wants total domination of space, boots on the moon by 2024 … in fact, he said breasts on the moon but we think it’s a typo. “

Why there could be a legal battle

Steve Carell from Space force | Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the United States military has technically failed to obtain the trademark of “Space Force”. In fact, the new Netflix show may have arrived first.

According to Popular Mechanics, “The US military has done little to secure the rights to the logo. There is only one pending registration in the United States on an intent-to-use basis, which the USPTO defines as a situation in which you may or may not yet have used the mark, but may file “In good faith or in good faith the intention to use the mark in trade. ”

Meanwhile, Space force filed for trademark recognition in January 2019, long before the show reached Netflix. However, it appears that the military is not interested in a legal dispute at this time.

Air Force spokesperson told Hollywood Reporter: “At the moment, we are not aware of any brand conflicts with the fictional program. Space force produced by Netflix. We wish Netflix and the producers of the show the best in their creative representation of the new military branch of our country. “


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