Corrie Colson Smith gives fans a rundown of the workout as he continues weight loss epic


Coronation Street actor Colson Smith has given fans a glimpse of one of his training sessions lock epic after having lost an incredible amount of weight. The star of Craig Tinker has taken to Instagram to post a video of his routine as he worked up a sweat in her garden.

Starting with a few curls for biceps simple, Colson – who fans have joked could give Adele a run for her money with his transformation, and then is passed to raise bells from the kettle on his head before going out in squats.

The star determined was then repeated his routine and shared the video easy to follow with his disciples.

Colson Smith has treated fans to a preview of the training which helped him to start his weight loss

The actor worked up a sweat in her garden

Colson, 21-year-old was looking super trim in her last post dressed in a black shirt and shorts that revealed her toned legs.

The actor has won over the fans in recent weeks after displaying her new look impressive.

He revealed that the catalyst unlikely for his weight loss has been a access to bad food poisoning after eating seafood on a beach during a holiday in Thailand.

“‘had avoided the seafood, but I was sitting on the beach and I said to myself:” how can you not have seafood on the beach? Well, in any case. I do not refer to the will make more. I’ve lost about a stone and a half “, he admitted at the beginning of the year.

The star of Corrie is now a shadow of its former self

The actor, 21, has shared a few pictures with inspiring his new look awesome

After having shed more than a stone in just a few weeks because of the illness, Colson has decided to continue to lose the pounds and get on a healthy diet and started hitting the gym.

He also said that losing weight was made so that it is shaped to its final scenarios Coronation Street.

Playing the police officer Craig Colson has said that he did not want to be out of breath for the chase scenes.

The star has worked hard on his physical condition in the lock

Craig plays a police office in Corrie

Colson Corrie co-stars were full of admiration for all his hard work.

Andy Whyment, who plays Kirk Sutherland, responded to one of his photos: “Looking absolutely mega pal well done. ”

While fans have compared Colson to Adele, who has thrown seven stones recently.

Adele is looking very slinky these days

The singer of Hello is suspected of having taken the plan Sirtfood, which cut the processed foods and drinks.

It has also abandoned his habit of drinking ten cups of tea per day – with two spoonfuls of sugar in each .

Adele would have said goodbye to caffeine, to alcohol, to cigarettes and food, ” spicy and tangy “.


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