Coronavirus world death toll exceeds 500,000 – scary spike | World | News


The number of coronavirus cases worldwide is just over 10 million. Those who have officially recovered are at 5,379,386. The coronavirus has spread around the planet, plunging billions of people into confinement.

Globally, health services are struggling to cope with and weigh on the pandemic.The virus is still actively spreading and new hot spots are constantly emerging.

The disease has struck some countries more than others.

Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States have experienced more severe outbreaks than other countries.

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In the UK there are currently 309,360 cases of coronavirus.

Of these, 43,414 died.

There are a number of different standards used to determine the cause of death.

For example, in Germany, the cause of death could be noted as the underlying symptoms, rather than the patient dying from a coronavirus.

Many elderly patients who have died from coronaviruses, particularly in nursing homes, have been recorded as dying from their underlying symptoms.

The UK reached its peak, which occurred during the week ending April 17.

London has long been the British hotspot for coronaviruses.

The capital has recorded the highest number of excess deaths since the start of the epidemic.

However, the UK has now passed its peak.

But in early June, the disease broke out in Wales and in the north-west of England.

These two regions experienced their highest pathogen mortality rates during the week ending June 5.


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