Coronavirus updates: Utahns protest potential COVID-19 restrictions; advice to people in quarantine


Summit County Joins Salt Lake City to Request Mandatory Mask Exemption

Summit County has asked the state to allow the mask to be worn in public spaces.

A letter from county officials to General Jefferson Burton, Acting Director of the Utah Department of Health, makes it clear that the county “is going in the wrong direction since arriving in Yellow”. The data “may not be as dire at the moment as some surrounding jurisdictions,” write the officials, but “all trends are unfavorable.”

“We firmly believe that our main hope in announcing a future business closure is through this proposed mandatory mask measure,” they said.

The County of Salt Lake has previously requested that it be allowed to mandate masks, and Governor Gary Herbert has indicated that it is inclined to grant this request; a decision is expected today.

Herbert said Wednesday that he is in favor of local jurisdictions managing their own response to coronaviruses as they see fit.

– Graham Dudley,


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