Coronavirus updates: “urgent” search for 300 food factory workers after epidemic


Look for 300 people after an epidemic in Wales as coronavirus cases exceed 10 million worldwide

Authorities are urgently looking for 300 workers who may have been affected by a coronavirus epidemic at a food processing plant in North Wales.

Public Health Wales said in a statement, “We are working with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Council to contact just over 300 workers who have not yet had a test.

“As we would expect with any targeted tracking and tracing process, we will identify additional asymptomatic cases. Finding these cases does not mean that the infection rate in the Wrexham area as a whole is increasing.

“There is no evidence that Rowan Foods is behind the epidemic. The multi-agency team managing the outbreak with Wales Public Health will continue to review the situation and work with the employer, their staff and the wider community to end the outbreak. ”

On Sunday evening, the number of people who died from coronavirus worldwide exceeded 500,000.

It has been confirmed that some 10 million people have contracted the virus, but the true toll would be much higher.

Bars and pubs have been ordered to close in parts of California, fearing that drinkers might inadvertently spread a coronavirus.

It follows Texas and Florida’s decision to close all their bars last week.


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