Coronavirus Updates: Toronto To Make TTC Face Masks Mandatory


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Case summary

  • As of June 9, there were 31,341 known cases of COVID-19 in Ontario.
  • 25,380 cases were resolved in the province and 2,475 people died.
  • As of June 9, there were 12,949 cases in Toronto, 10,310 cases recovered and 956 people have died.

The latest local and Canadian news on the new coronavirus

10.54 a.m. Ontario Reports 203 New COVID-19 Cases and 12 Additional Deaths

Provincial public health officials have reported an increase of 203 new cases of COVID-19, bringing Ontario’s total to 31,544. This is the smallest increase since late March.

The province has now experienced four consecutive days of increase in new cases below 300, suggesting a downward trend. There were 251 new cases reported on Wednesday, 230 new cases reported on Tuesday and 243 new cases confirmed on Monday.

505 other people have recovered. In total, 25,885 – or 82.1% – of the cases are resolved.

The tests are projected up to 24,341 tests carried out since yesterday. Another 16,359 cases are currently under investigation. The government’s goal was 16,000 tests a day.

There are 538 people hospitalized, including 120 in intensive care and 87 in ventilated intensive care.

Twelve other people died. In total, the virus killed 2,487 people in Ontario.

10:38 a.m. Toronto makes face masks mandatory on public transit

Toronto plans to make face covers mandatory for all passengers and transit staff.

Mayor John Tory said Thursday that TTC chief executive Rick Leary and medical officer of health Eileen de Villa had made this recommendation, as the number of users is expected to increase as the lockdowns loosen, making it more difficult for passengers to keep a distance.

“It is a recommendation that I fully support,” he said. “This will help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our city. ”

The recommendation will be made to the TTC committee next week for a meeting next week; and if approved, the regulations will take effect on July 2.

Tory said the TTC would not apply the new rule with sanctions. “I know that a crackdown and an application blitz will not be necessary,” he said. “We will focus on public education and the importance of following this new rule. ”

The city will also undertake a “one-time targeted strategy” to distribute one million non-medical masks to residents, focusing on low-income neighborhoods, added Tory.

The mayor said staff will be increased at stations and decals have been added to encourage people to follow the rules of physical distance and to wear face covers.

“I want to be clear: no one will be denied a ride on the TTC for not wearing a face covering,” said Leary, adding that there will be exemptions for people with medical conditions and younger children two years.

“Given the exemptions and based on the experience of other jurisdictions where compliance has been high, such as New York City, we do not believe that strict enforcement is necessary. We will continue to monitor and determine if further action is required. ”

Employees who work behind a shield or in isolated booths will have the choice of wearing a mask or face cover.

Tory also recommends that the TTC Commission reimburse holders of monthly passes for March and April based on usage.

9 a.m. Canada has more than 97,125 cases of COVID-19

There are 96,653 cases of COVID-19 in Canada and 7,960 people have died.

The epidemic is a serious public health threat, although most people who contract the virus have not been hospitalized.

Symptoms include cough, fever, difficulty breathing and pneumonia in both lungs and may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure. People 65 and older and people with weakened immune systems and / or underlying medical conditions have a higher risk of getting a serious case.



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