Coronavirus updates, June 2: Quebec flooded with applicants for 10,000 CHSLD jobs


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4:10 p.m.

Chalet Bar-B-Q reopens and enthusiasts no longer cry

On Wednesdays at 4 p.m., the venerable Chalet Bar-B-Q of the N.D.G. reopens to take out and deliver.

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4:05 p.m.

Montreal Canadiens parent company cuts more jobs

Hockey and concerts may return later this year, but it won’t be early enough to save jobs at Groupe CH, the Montreal Canadiens’ parent company and entertainment company Evenko.

Read our full story, by Pat Hickey.

4 p.m.

Opinion: COVID-19 against the flu – no need to choose sides

“Whenever I try to point out that COVID-19 should be taken seriously, even if the cases finally start to go down, one of the common answers I face is,” Why did we react so excessive to COVID-19 when we don’t ‘do the same with the flu? “There is an often repeated refrain that this virus is no worse and no more dangerous than a bad flu. “


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