Coronavirus updates: Ford will announce a plan to reopen child care; Volunteers stop watching Fox Beaches family after threats


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Case summary

  • As of June 7, there were 30,860 known cases of COVID-19 in Ontario.
  • 24,492 cases were resolved in the province and 2,450 people died.
  • As of June 7, there were 12,707 cases in Toronto, 9,746 cases recovered and 944 people have died.

The latest local and Canadian news on the new coronavirus

9:20 a.m. Doug Ford to announce child care center reopening

Much of Ontario – but not the GTA – will reopen on Friday, June 12 as part of the province’s phasing out of coronavirus control.

Premier Doug Ford is expected to announce the reopening of child care today to serve parents who return to work when Stage 2 reopens.

Workplaces and businesses authorized to reopen in 24 of the province’s 24 public health territories include museums, restaurants, hair salons, film and television productions, and shopping malls.

The province has authorized certain emergency daycares to remain open during the COVID-19 crisis to serve front-line workers without any other daycares.

9:15 a.m. Volunteers monitoring family of threatened foxes: Wildlife Center

According to the Toronto Wildlife Center (TWC), volunteers monitoring a family of foxes on the beaches have been victims of verbal abuse and threats of physical abuse.

Foxes had been living under the Woodbine Beach boardwalk for two months and had become viral during the shutdown of the coronavirus. On May 22, one of the kits was found dead, apparently killed by a large predator, such as a dog without a leash.

The city erected a fence around the foxes and volunteers carried out “aversive conditioning”, so that the foxes, who had lost their natural fear of predators, relearn their natural behavior.

On Monday, the TWC wrote in an Instagram article that a man said to a volunteer “if he had a knife, he would stab her” and another man “actually chased a volunteer teenager with a knife”.

“As an organization, despite our deep concern for the fox family, the safety and well-being of our volunteers is paramount. Because of these serious concerns, we made the difficult decision to conclude the presence of our volunteers on site, “reads the TWC statement.

“We are now looking to the community and everyone who visits the Woodbine Beach area to provide the best environment for the beloved fox family,” he said. “Keep dogs on a leash and away from wildlife because dogs and their close cousins, coyotes, are predators of foxes – habituation to a major predator could result in the death of another fox. ”

TWC said 58 volunteers spent almost 1,500 hours protecting the family from members of the public’s foxes.

9 a.m. Canada has over 96,000 COVID-19 cases

There are 96,244 cases of COVID-19 in Canada and 7,835 people have died.

The epidemic is a serious public health threat, although most people who contract the virus have not been hospitalized.

Symptoms include cough, fever, difficulty breathing and pneumonia in both lungs and may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure. People 65 and older and people with compromised immune systems and / or underlying medical conditions have a higher risk of getting a serious case.



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