Coronavirus: UK to partially reopen churches, BLM protests in Australia defy calls for health – Live Updates | News from the world


The number of coronavirus cases worldwide now stands at 6,852,810, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.The social distancing guidelines have been increasingly challenged by global protests against the murder of George Floyd, which has raised concerns about the possibility of increased cases in some areas. Hundreds of thousands of people marched in the WE, while Australia, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and elsewhere. Public health officials were concerned that protesters and the police during protests against police violence could spur the spread of Covid-19.

Some of the hardest hit countries are beginning to relax their lock-in measures. in the WE, which has the highest number of confirmed cases in the world (1,917,080), certain tourist centers are reopening, notably Universal Orlando and the famous casinos in Las Vegas. Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, places of worship will open for individual prayer from June 15.

In other developments:

  • President of Brazil Jai Bolsonaro has defended his decision not to release some of the official data on the country’s coronavirus pandemic.
  • OPEC members and other oil-producing countries have agreed to extend their production cuts until July.
  • World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic has expressed doubts about the continuation of the US Open tournament as scheduled in September, saying restrictions on coronaviruses will make this impossible.
  • California plans to allow film, television and music production to resume on June 12, depending on the conditions of the coronavirus at that time.
  • Organizers of anti-racism protests in Northern Ireland will be reported to the prosecution for breaking the rules to block coronaviruses, police said. It comes after thousands of people came across the UK after the death of George Floyd.


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