Coronavirus-the second wave of panic in Germany as HUNDREDS of abattoir workers catch the bug requiring schools to close


THOUSANDS of people in Germany were quarantined, and schools have closed after an outbreak of coronavirus to a slaughterhouse fueled fears of a deadly second wave.

More than 650 people have been tested positive for the virus at the meat processing plant in Gütersloh, in the north-west of the country.

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A security guard at the outside of the Tönnies meat factory in Gütersloh, where 650 workers have been tested positive for the coronavirusCredit: AFP or licensors

Meat producer Tönnies has apologized for the outbreak, as it has suspended operations on the site yesterday.

More than 1 000 workers have been tested so far, with thousands more still to be tested.

All the workers and all those that they have been in contact with have said to go in isolation pending the results of the test.

The local authorities have also closed schools and early childhood centres in the region until the end of the month.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she “welcomed” the measures to stop the spread of the virus in the region.

It comes after a new outbreak of Berlin, where hundreds of homes have been placed under fresh lock.

Authorities have said that they were “alarmed” by the speed at which the virus is spreading in apartment complexes in the south of the suburb of Neukölln.

Thousands of workers of slaughterhouses and their families have been told to go into quarantineCredit: AFP or licensors
A woman protests at the closure of the schools, holding a placard where we can read


A woman protests at the closure of the schools, holding a placard where we can read “We can go without meat, but not without education” outside of the factory TönniesCredit: AFP or licensors

Germany’s response to the pandemic, including large-scale testing and the beginning of lockdown – has been hailed as among the best in the world.

Despite having the largest population in the EU, Germany has recorded far fewer casualties than the united KINGDOM, Italy, France and Spain.

It has enabled Germany to lift its strict locking with factories, shops and schools reopening last month.

On Monday, Germany has opened its borders to travelers from the whole of the EU, plus the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

And the first German tourists hit the beach in Majorca part of a trial to test new air bridges.

The latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute this morning show of Germany during the night of the death toll have increased from 26 to 8,856, at the national level in the total 187,764 case.

Yesterday, Mrs Merkel has announced that it is extending the ban on large gatherings, including open air festivals and fairs until the end of the month of October.

After the meeting, the 16 prime ministers, the Chancellor urged the citizens to remain cautious and observe the social distance rules to prevent another wave of Covid-19 infections.

The 650 new cases in Gütersloh were detected through a generalization of testing in meat processing plants after outbreaks similar to Münster and Coesfeld.

Last month, Germany agreed to prohibit the use of temporary workers in the slaughterhouses.

A wave of infections highlighted the poor working conditions in the industry and the small size of shared accommodation that are used by many workers.

Households have also erupted in slaughterhouses in France and in the united states, where workers in at least two food plants have died.

During this time, Beijing is now the centre of one of the main coronavirus lock, after an outbreak linked to a large food market.

Thousands of flights have been corrected and millions of people live in the framework of the renewal of the restrictions, amid fears of a ‘ mutant strain is spreading through the capital.

Germany has placed restrictions on the transformation of the meat industry after a spate of infections by coronaviruses


Germany has placed restrictions on the transformation of the meat industry after a spate of infections by coronavirusesCredit: AFP

The German tourists arrive in Majorca in the framework of the air bridges test


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