Coronavirus: the Pressure mounts on school meal vouchers in the summer


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The pressure on the government to continue its programme of distribution of vouchers for children who receive free school meals in England during the summer.

There is a growing disquiet among some Conservative Mps over the refusal to extend the support – as a football player Marcus Rashford continued to campaign on the issue.

During a debate in Commons later, Labour would say that it is “inhuman” not to take what he calls a ” small step “.

The government says that £63m is available for councils to support families.

In an emotional open letter to Members of parliament, Manchester United before Rashford has drawn on his own experience, and relying on free school meals and food banks in the growth. He said that his story was ” all too familiar to the families in England.”

Since the beginning of the coronavirus lock, low-income families whose children normally qualify for free school meals were eligible to receive food parcels or vouchers.

Although the production is to continue to spend the summer in Scotland and Wales, it stops at the end of the term of the England and Northern Ireland.

The Ministry of Education said that it would not reconsider its decision, but the England international, said Monday that he was going to fight on twitter “we are not yet beaten,” and ” Members, please #maketheUturn “.

Last week, three Conservative Mps have signed a cross-party letter calling for an extension of the scheme – with a value of € 15 per week in England – in the summer holidays in England.

‘Really struggling’

Robert Halfon, a Conservative MP and chairman of the house of Commons Education Committee, also wrote an open letter this month.

“For many families, the additional cost of feeding their children during the summer holidays will make things even more difficult for those who are already in trouble, or could even go further stretched budgets to the breaking point,” he wrote.

Sonja Basingstoke, who has three teenage children, told BBC Radio 5 live in the Car, she found herself without a job due to the pandemic and doesn’t start his new job until September. She said she would be in “real problems” without the vouchers in time.

“I’m relying on the 60 pounds I get all the fifteen days of free school meal vouchers do my food shopping,” she said.

“There are many of us who have found ourselves on the benefits, without any fault on our part. We are really struggling to make ends meet, and I’m not sure that too many people understand how difficult it is – Marcus is obviously. ”

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker has also lent its support to Rashford, saying: “It is not a question of having to do it, but… he has done a great job.

The former England striker said that he understood that ” the children would not normally be fed during the summer holidays “, but they are ” very, very difficult “.

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The media legendMan United is Rashford speaks of her mother’s sacrifices

Conservative Mps will have the chance to register their discomfort Tuesday after-noon, when the Labour party is the holder of a debate in the Commons, said Newsnight’s Nicholas Watt.

A backbencher Tory anticipation of a possible government U-turn, he added.

The ministers, who say free school meals are not usually continued in the summer holidays, plan to change on Tuesday of the Work of the movement to highlight the measures the government has taken to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This includes an extra £63m for the local authorities to help people in financial difficulty as a result of coronavirus and the Holiday Activities and Diet program, that offers activities and free meals in the summer holidays.


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