Coronavirus: the Man banned from flying by airlines for refusing to wear a mask for the face | US News


A US airline has banned a man who has refused to wear a mask on one of his flights.

Conservative activist Brandon Straka ignored the requests made by members of the crew to wear a mask on an American Airlines flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport Wednesday.

Some of the 122 passengers were waiting for the flight to leave for Dallas-Fort Worth when Mr. Straka was ordered off the plane and put on a later flight.

In a statement provided to Sky News, American Airlines, said the incident had been “thoroughly reviewed” and that, in consequence of this, Mr. Straka will not be allowed to fly to America, as it has failed to comply with our policy, and crew member instructions “.

“We are committed to protecting the safety and well-being of our guests and team members, this is why we have strengthened the implementation of our policy on face coverings at the edge.

“We expect that customers who choose to fly with us to comply with these policies, and, if necessary, we will refuse future travel to clients who refuse to do so.

“Restricting travel is a step that we take very seriously, and it will only be made after a full examination of the facts of the incident. Mr. Straka will be allowed to fly with us once that face coverings are no longer required for the customers. ”

Mr. Straka had recorded an exchange with a flight attendant on the plane and then posted another video on Twitter after he was sent to the departure gate.

And he wrote: “I have been simply removed from my flight for not wearing a mask. The 1st time that this happens. Not a federal law. @AmericanAir staff standing over me telling me it is THE LAW. So much for “please respect those who may not wear a mask’. When I pointed out that this was not a law, I was removed. ”

He said that he was questioned by a flight attendant if he had an illness which prevents him from wearing a mask, to which he responded: “the mental health. ”

The incident is among the first of this type since the u.s. airlines, said this week that they would be at the stage of enforcement of its rules regarding masks.

There is no law requiring passengers to wear masks on flights – despite the requests of the airlines and unions representing aviation workers – but it is up to the airline.

The requirements for passengers to wear masks is among a number of rules provided by many airlines, in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirusthis causes COVID-19.

Most airlines make exceptions for young children, for the passengers while they are eating or drinking, and for those with certain medical conditions.

More than 118,000 people died after being infected with the coronavirus in the US the highest in the world.

Overall, there has been at least 453,268 death, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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