Coronavirus: the Germany outbreak sparks fresh, local lock


The German authorities are bringing back local lock measures after an outbreak linked to a meatpacking plant.

The prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, said the restrictions will be back in the Gütersloh district, home to approximately 360,000 people.

Armen Laschet, has said the lockout will last until 30 June, and described the move as a ” preventive measure “.

This is the first return of the containment measures since Germany began to lift its lock-in May.

The country has been widely praised for its response to the pandemic, but there are concerns that infections are on the rise again.

Lothar Wieler, at the head of the Germany’s public health body, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), told journalists on Tuesday that the country was at risk of a second wave of infections, but said he was hopeful that they could prevent it.

Currently, the reproductive rate, or R, the number in Germany is estimated at 2.76.

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The media legendWhat is the R number and what does it mean?


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