Coronavirus: the alert level Covid-19 in the United Kingdom is reduced from four to three


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The alert level of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom was lowered from four to three, said the doctors-heads of the country.

At level three, the virus is considered “general circulation” and there could be a ” gradual thawing of restrictions “.

Previously, transmission was regarded as “a high or increasing exponentially”.

The Health secretary, Matt Hancock, said that the change was “a big moment for the country” and showed that the government’s plan was working.

  • How does the new system of alert of coronavirus?

The decision to reduce the alert level was the result of a recommendation of the Joint Biosecurity Centre, said the doctors-heads of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“The pandemic is not over”

“There has been a steady decrease in cases that we have seen in the four countries, and this continues “, said the medical consultants in a joint statement.

But they warned that “this does not mean that the pandemic is over, “and that” localized epidemics are likely to occur “.

“We have made progress against the virus thanks to the efforts of the public and we need the public continues to follow carefully the directives to ensure that this progress continues,” they said.

There are a total of five levels of alert of coronavirus.

Two factors determine the level of alert in the United Kingdom. They are:

  • The reproductive number (R) of Covid-19, a scientific measurement of the speed of spread of the virus
  • The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus at any given time

Mr. Hancock stated that the recent progress in the two factors showed ” a true testament to the determination of the british people to defeat this virus.”

“The infection rates are rapidly declining, we have protected the NHS and, thanks to the hard work of millions of people in our health services and of social protection, we put the country on foot,” he added.

This decision comes weeks after certain restrictions have been lifted for the first time in each nation of the uk.

At the end of may, the Prime minister, Boris Johnson told mps that ” we go down tomorrow the alert system Covid level four at level three, we hope that we will take a decision tomorrow “.

But the next day, the government has decided not to lower the alert level and it stayed at four until now.

When the government announced for the first time the alert system in early may, he has also published a three-phase plan to ease restrictions.

The first step, the first easing of the lock, was to allow people to exercise unlimited and spend more time outside.

The second step has allowed the progressive opening of schools and retail stores non-essential, which is the case currently.

The third step in the plan published by the government, which was to be held ” not earlier than the 4th of July “, includes the opening of new non-essential services such as hairdressers and beauty salons, restaurants, pubs and leisure facilities.

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