Coronavirus test centers lacking in people who present with symptomatic MSP patients


The coronavirus testing system in Scotland faces new criticism after an MSP said that driving-through service centers were missing opportunities “every day.” Occupational health spokesperson Monica Lennon expressed concern after voter said she had led her symptomatic husband to be dabbed, but had not been subjected herself to a test.

He intervenes when the latest official figures show that only 3,425 tests were carried out on Sunday – a faction of the country’s ability to deliver 15,500 tests per day. The total is about 500 tests lower on the previous day.

A breakdown of the figures shows that the NHS laboratories tested 2,651 people on Sunday. The regional test centers performed only 774.

Lennon said, “The test centers are clearly not rushed and should offer tests to everyone in the car.

“My fellow citizen drove her husband who had symptoms of Covid-19 to the local test center, but was not offered a test despite being seated next to him in the car.

“There was not even a queue and she could have been asymptomatic carrier. Opportunities to detect and isolate the virus are missed every day. ”

The constituent, who did not want to be identified, said that her husband was then tested negative.

Scottish Labor Health Spokeswoman Monica Lennon, right, wants tests to increase

Together, the total of 3,425 daily tests compares to 3,944 the previous day. However, Sunday’s figure has increased compared to the same period last week.

Critics of the test system said the numbers must increase as Scotland moves toward a “test and trace” program to fight Covid-19. It would also help build a more accurate picture of the spread of the virus.

A recent analysis from Cancer Research UK has suggested that up to 3000 tests are needed per day in Scotland to get services back on track.

Lennon said: “The opportunity to test thousands of people is lost every day

“Shockingly, nursing home staff are still struggling to access the tests, and Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has no idea when regular NHS worker tests will be deployed.

“Failure to” test, test, test “has undermined the response to the pandemic in Scotland and the responsibility rests with the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Health.

“The Scottish government talks about a good game on testing and plotting but delivers very little.

“The public has played its part in abiding by the lockdown rules and ministers must stop procrastinating during testing. ”

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a daily briefing in Edinburgh today that the virus was “on the loose” because it revealed that there had been no deaths from Covid-19 for the second consecutive day .

But she also warned that the virus could still “roar with revenge”.

A total of 15,639 people have now tested positive for the virus in Scotland, up from 18 the day before.


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