Coronavirus: More Job Losses at Heathrow as Demand for Air Travel Lows | Economic news


Heathrow Airport announced further job cuts after demand for air travel hit a historic low in May.

The company says passenger numbers in May hit a historic low, dropping 97% from the same month last year, and failed to recover due to the 14-day quarantine rule of government.

Under the new rules, people arriving in the UK will now have to isolate themselves for 14 days to stop the spread of COVID-19. Airlines and travel lobbies regard the measure as “illegal” and “ineffective”.

Heathrow says it has launched a voluntary layoff plan – CEO John Holland-Kaye warning that efforts to protect frontline roles are “no longer sustainable”.

He added: “Although we cannot rule out further job cuts, we will continue to explore options to minimize the number of job losses. “


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