Coronavirus Live Updates: New York City Has Lowest Infection Rate In The United States


NEW YORK (WABC) – New York is announcing its lowest ever indicator numbers for COVID-19 cases, Governor Cuomo said on Friday. Coronavirus tests performed in the past 7 days, 1.3% returned positive. That’s the lowest 7-day average rate in the U.S., Cuomo said, citing Johns Hopkins statistics. The state recorded 14 new deaths on Thursday, bringing the 3-day average to 16 deaths per day, the lowest since the start of the pandemic. And 950 people were hospitalized, the lowest daily total since COVID-19 cases began to be recorded earlier this year.On Friday, the southern level, the Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes and the north of the country moved to phase 4, which would ease restrictions on higher education and “low risk” arts and entertainment Shopping centers, cinemas and gymnasiums have not been allowed to reopen. Cuomo says the state is investigating whether there is a type of filtration system that could eliminate the virus in such facilities. No such system has yet been found.

In New Jersey, Governor Murphy announced that the state “expects our children to return to their schools in September.” He declared that the state plan for the reopening of schools for the 2020-2021 school year was accompanied by a primary requirement: that our public schools be opened to a certain extent with the health of the pupils, their children and their children. families and educators being the TOP PRIORITY.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city is on track for Phase 3 to start on July 6.

The restaurants will reopen for indoor dining in phase 3 at 50% of their capacity. Personal care services such as nail salons, massages, spas, tanning, tattooing, piercing, and hair removal. Some 50,000 workers are expected to return to work in the city during phase 3.

Nassau County is exploring options with key stakeholders for a “safe school reopening in September,” said principal Laura Curran. She said that ultimately the decision to open would come from the state, but she wanted the county to be prepared. The number of new daily cases of coronavirus reported in Nassau County has dropped below 1%.

Curran says the numbers have continued to drop since the reopening began a month ago. She encouraged people to continue to wear face covers and social distance to mitigate the risk of COVID, just as wearing a seat belt protects people in the event of an accident.

Governor Ned Lamont announced Thursday that Connecticut will plan a full-time school education framework in the fall, as long as public health data continues to support the model.

Although Connecticut has determined that the reopening of schools for in-person education can be achieved on the basis of the successful COVID-19 containment efforts of the state, this model will be supported by more intensive mitigation strategies and specific surveillance, containment and class cancellation plans.

Texas and Florida cracked down on bars on Friday’s biggest retreat amid a push across the South and West that pushed the number of new confirmed coronavirus infections a day to states -United with a historic peak of 40,000.

At a White House coronavirus task force press conference, the first in two months, Dr. Deborah L. Birx said rising rates in the south were a major concern. Dr. Anthony Fauci also begged the Americans to continue to practice social isolation and to follow other directions for their safety and that of others.

Vice President Mike Pence said he and Dr. Birx will be visiting hot spots next week. He noted that cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly among young adults in a number of states where bars, shops and restaurants have reopened – a disturbing generation change that not only puts them in greater danger than many the think, but pose an even greater danger to the elderly who cross their paths.

Pence added, “We slowed the spread, we flattened the curve, we saved lives. ”



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