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“bubble of support” for households, singles – how the system will work

Boris Johnson has decided that from Saturday, the households of single adults in England will be able to form a “bubble of support” with another household.

– Who is covered by the new arrangements?

Adults living alone or single parents living with children under the age of 18 years.

– What is it that they will be able to do that they could not before?

They can form a bubble with another household, which means that they will be effectively treated as a single household for the purposes of the rules of locking.

This means that they can visit each other inside their house to spend the night if they wish – and they will not have to observe the rule of the social distancing of two metres.

– Who might benefit?

Elderly people living alone could form a bubble with the household of a son or adult daughter to visit, and even kiss their grandchildren for the first time since the containment.

Single parents may involve their own parents, which allowed them to share their tasks of child care and meet their grandparents and their grandchildren.

Couples who do not live together will be able to visit each other and stay together.

If half of a couple sharing an apartment or house with one or more other people, they can see their partner as long as they live only if their partner is also sharing a house, they cannot see each other.

And if several people share a house or apartment and have all of the partners who live alone, only one will be able to see their partner, which could lead to interesting conversations. This will affect a large number of young people living in the cities.

– What about households where both grandparents are still living – they can now visit their children and grandchildren?

At this stage only if their son or daughter is the only adult in another household in the bubble. And if the grandparents have two or more children who live alone, they will have to choose between them.

Downing Street has acknowledged that all the world will not benefit from this change, although officials have hinted that a further easing of the rules if the epidemic of coronavirus is continuing to decrease.

– Households can form more than one bubble ?

Lol The arrangement should be exclusive, without change of partners to the bubbles.

– People will they have to formally record these arrangements bubble ?

No, it will be taken on trust. Number 10 says that the public has shown a “great responsibility” in following the rules of social distancing until now.

– Is there a limit to the distance between households in a bubble ?

Once again, no, although officials suggest that people should try to “stay local” to the extent possible.

– What is the vulnerable persons that protect because of their age or their health problems?

For the time being, officials say it is too early to that they can join the bubbles to support.

– What about parents who are separated but who currently share custody of children with the children moving between two households?

It’s going to continue. If the parents are the only adults in the household, they can form a bubble with a different household – this means that children could potentially be in two bubbles, one for each parent.

– What happens if someone in a bubble develops symptoms of coronavirus?

All the members of the two households in the bubble must be isolated for 14 days.

– It does not apply it to England ?

A project in Northern Ireland has also been put in sursente from Saturday. It is for a person who lives alone, and can visit the private dwelling of someone else, including staying one or more nights. If they have a child or children who live with them, they are not eligible. This will be discussed on Monday.


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