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Passengers traveling to or from Italy by plane will no longer be able to use the luggage lockers on planes after the Italian civil aviation authority (Enac) has decided that it was a health risk, Agence France reported -Hurry.The new rule is the result of a government decree, sparked by fear of spreading the new coronavirus further, which specifies that travelers can only board with a bag small enough to fit under the front seat.

The intention is to prevent close contact between passengers and to limit movement in aircraft cabins.

Enac said passengers would not have to pay extra to put their bags in the hold.

An Italian consumer association, Codacons, praised Friday’s decision, saying it would “avoid the chaos” that sometimes occurs in cabins “when passengers place their luggage in the upper compartments.”

“Italians are among the most unruly travelers in Europe in this area, causing delays and queues which today would fuel the risk of contagion,” the association said.

Italy was the first country in Europe to be affected by the coronavirus, which has so far killed more than 34,600 people in the country.

Meanwhile, Trump’s White House has refused to accept mandatory temperature testing for airline passengers, a key request from U.S. airlines who met with Mike Pence on Friday.


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