Coronavirus LIVE: Cheshire Preparing Comfortable On Lockout, But Warning Of Second Wave In UK


What the new one-meter social distance rule means

The public has been told that it is “absolutely essential” that each individual takes mitigation seriously, because the two meter social distance from the rule is relaxed to one meter more “in England.

Mitigation measures will be in place to compensate for the increased risk of getting the coronavirus due to being in closer proximity to third parties who may be infected.

But what are the mitigation measures and where, and when will people expect to implement them?

The government should issue guidelines that will give you more details on these measures, and in the scenarios they will be appropriate.

The Prime Minister talked about the measures, including making sure people face each other, and minimizing the amount of time you spend with people outside your household.

– Wearing face coverings

As a result of the easing, the British Medical Association (BMA) said the government should now “require the public to wear face coatings”.

The wearing of face coverings or masks is already compulsory in public transport where it is not always possible to be two meters from each other.

This precaution can be useful in other contexts where keeping a distance from people is problematic.

Some people choose to wear face coverings in supermarkets and stores, but it may be more difficult to apply the measure, bars and restaurants.

– Installation of screens

During the lockdown, when people were only allowed out of the house for exercise and essentials, they would have noticed the erection of till screens and the self-checking of machines in the supermarket and grocery stores.

The screens could be very useful in many other scenarios, such as pay points in bars and restaurants, the hotel reception, or an office movie ticket.

– Hand washing and hand disinfection facilities

Since the pandemic hitting the UK, the public has been told many times that hand washing is absolutely essential in preventing the transmission and spread of the virus.

Therefore, it is not surprising that good hand hygiene will remain a central measurement that everyone must respect.

When stores opened earlier this month, with no hand sanitation outlets were installed along the busy shopping streets, it is therefore likely that these will become a regular part of people’s lives wherever they go.

– Be outside

Scientists have said that the virus spreads more easily indoors, so when the lock was gradually eased, it initially consisted of encounters with others outside.

With summer just around the corner, the public was able to enjoy al fresco dining in the beer gardens and al fresco dining in the restaurant with outdoor seating.

Staycations in the British countryside could also be a way of ensuring that families safely enjoy summer vacations without worrying about quarantine or airlift with other countries.


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