Coronavirus: Leicester must remain in detention while the case of COVID-19 soar | UK News


Leicester will maintain the restrictions on the coronavirus in the framework of the first lock located in the United Kingdom.

Stores non-essential elements of the city are closed again tomorrow and the schools will close starting Thursday, said tonight the Health secretary, and Matt Hancock.

The people living in Leicester are urged to “stay as long as possible at home,” and easing the lock on a national scale planned for the 4th of July does not apply to them, he said.

This means that pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers which are about to reopen will have to delay their projects.

Travel inside and outside of the city should be avoided, except in cases of absolute necessity.

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the relaxation of the rules for the people that protect in the region – scheduled for July 6 – may not go ahead, said Mr. Hancock.

This comes after figures revealed that Leicester accounts for 10% of all positive coronavirus cases reported across the country during the last week, with 135 cases per 100 000 people. It has three times more infections than the second city with the most high.

A test centre without an appointment is also being installed in the city for people with symptoms, with additional funding going to all the boards of the Leicestershire to help support the businesses and people who are forced to isolate themselves.

The authorities will help the workplaces that have seen a set of cases and help them to become more” COVID-19[female[feminine-secures “.

Mr. Hancock stated that the measures will be reviewed in two weeks and will not be in place ” for longer than is necessary “.

They will apply not only to the city of Leicester, but also in the vicinity, he added.

The health secretary said: “After having taken clinical advice on the necessary actions and discussed it with the local team Leicester and Leicestershire, we have made difficult decisions, but important.

“We recommend to the inhabitants of Leicester to stay home as much as you can, and we advise against all travel except essential, to and from Leicester.

“We will closely monitor the compliance with the rules of social distancing, and we will take additional measures if this is necessary. ”

Children whose parents are the key workers will still be able to go to school, he added.

Reacting to the news, the head of the Council of the county of Leicestershire, Nick Rushton, has described as ” disappointing “.

He said: “It is clear that the sars coronavirus does not adhere to lines on a map. And although the rates of the counties are below the national and regional average, we cannot be complacent and it is logical to strengthen the restrictions in the areas closest to the city.

“This is the first lock located at this level and there will no doubt be problems to solve.

“I understand that this is disappointing news when most of the country reopens, but it is crucial that the people follow the latest advice.

“Our actions play a key role in the definition of what will happen next, and I encourage people to follow the advice and to play their role in helping to save lives and livelihoods. ”

This is the clearest indication that the current crisis is far from over
Analysis of the political correspondent Joe Pike

We knew that the local lock was going to happen, but the delay of four hours on the official announcement of the secretary of state for Health has clearly shown to what extent this decision was a sensitive one. Both the government and for the city of Leicester

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson, must give a speech major from elsewhere in the Midlands. It was supposed to be an intervention carefully designed to reset his post of prime minister: to divert attention from the crisis COVID and turn to the program of “leveling up” in which the PM has been elected.

But it is the clearest indication that the current crisis is far from over. The Prime minister may wish to move on, but some parts of the country declined now in their recovery against the coronavirus. And all this just five days before the reopening of bars, restaurants and cafes in England.

There has been little clarity about how the local lock will be controlled, and the extent to which the people of Leicester will follow the rules. And if Leicester is the first, where is the next one?


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