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One-day death rate in the United States less than 500 for the first time since March
Peter Wells in New York
The number of deaths in one day in America fell below 500 for the first time in just over two months, marking the third consecutive day that it remained below 1,000.
In the United States, an additional 469 people have died from coronavirus in the past 24 hours, according to data from the Covid Tracking Project, the smallest one-day increase since March 29.
Another encouraging sign, the number of new cases of coronavirus in New York during the last day was 941, the first time in 11 weeks, it was less than 1000.
California and Texas, which had new highs for new cases on Sunday, “were much lower today,” said Covid Tracking Project. Texas was one of the first states in the United States to begin the reopening process, while California has recently begun to ease blockages.
Yet the number of deaths in New York City of 54 in the past 24 hours is more than any other state. It remains the hardest hit US state with 23,959 deaths. Ohio, with 51, and California, with 38, experienced the largest day-to-day increases.
Monday’s figures tend to be lower than other days due to slower reporting this weekend, notes the Covid Tracking Project, and there is generally an increase in deaths and cases on Tuesday.
Since the pandemic began, 99,005 people in the United States have died from a coronavirus, according to the Covid Tracking Project, which chooses not to count so-called probable deaths. John Hopkins University, which includes these deaths, estimates the national death toll at 104,799.


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