Coronavirus infection rate is ’80 TIMES higher than initially reported due to asymptomatic cases’


THE CORONavirus INFECTION rate is 80 times higher than that reported due to the number of patients who were asymptomatic, the researchers asked.

Experts have now revealed that the virus’s case may have doubled twice as fast as first thought.

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Experts Now Said US Infection Rate Could Be Much Higher Than Reported Credit: AFP or licensors

A study by Penn State University in the United States looked at statewide data over a three-week period in March.

So far, in the US over 122,000 people have died from the virus, while there have been more than 2.36 million confirmed cases.

New research suggests that the number of cases could be much higher.

Justin Silverman, assistant professor at Penn State College of Information Science and Technology and the Faculty of Medicine, said the researchers used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Influenza-like Prevention survey diseases (SG).

He said, “We analyzed each SG state case to estimate the number that cannot be attributed to influenza and beyond the baseline season.

“When you subtract these, you’re left with what we call excess ILI — cases that can’t be explained by either a seasonal flu typical of the variation in respiratory pathogens. ”

Prof Silverman said researchers then found that excess SGs showed an “almost perfect” correlation to the spread of the virus across the United States.

“This suggests that the data on the SG is the capture of Covid cases, and there appear to be many more undiagnosed cases in the population than previously thought,” he added.

Research, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, has found that the increase in excess OS is linked to more than 8.7 million new cases in the last three weeks of March.


That’s compared to the 100,000 cases that have been reported by the U.S. government over the same period of time.

Prof Silverman says “he couldn’t believe that” the team’s estimates were correct at first.

“We have found that the death toll across the United States has doubled every three days and that our estimate of infection rate was consistent with three days has doubled since the first case observation was reported in Washington State January 15. ”

The team used the same procedure to estimate the infection rates for each US state.

New York was one of the states most affected by the virus. Above photo at the USNS Comfort medical vessel in New York 3
New York was one of the states most affected by the virus. Above photo at the USNS Comfort medical vessel in New York Credit: Getty Images – Getty

They found that states that showed higher rates of infection also had higher rates of a sharp increase in ILI.

They found that the official figures were more accurate once the antibody test had started.

New York was one of the hardest hit united at the peak of the pandemic and researchers found that at least 9% of its population was infected by the end of March.

Antibody testing has been done around 3000 residents in the state.

This study found that there was a 13.9% infection rate in the state, which is the equivalent of 2.7 million New Yorkers.

At the start of the pandemic in the United States, researchers said that fewer people sought care.

The US was placed on lockdown on March 28, however, many states continued to operate normally.

Prof Silverman added that the effects of Covid-19 may have more to do with how quickly it is able to spread across communities.

“A drop in death rates combined with an increase in the prevalence of the disease and the rapid growth of regional epidemics provides an alternative explanation for the large number of deaths and the overcrowding of hospitals, as we have seen in certain regions of the world . ”

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