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Russia and China “with the help of Covid-19 as a cover for the destabilisation efforts’China, Russia and Iran are seeking to exploit the vulnerabilities created by the outbreak of coronavirus, the united KINGDOM minister of foreign affairs said.

“We know Russia is engaged systematically in misinformation and propaganda, through cyber and other means,” Dominic Raab told Sky News.

“Others engage in the same also, China and Iran, but I don’t think that there are results on the electoral process in the united KINGDOM,” he added.

Mr. Raab continued: “I certainly think that the coronavirus, and the challenges that it has created has created a perception of the opportunity for the various state and non-state actors through cyberspace, by other means.

“I think that we have seen, compared to Hong Kong – I think some people argue that it is difficult to glean whether it is true or not, that is one thing, the national security legislation that is put forward, is being done at a time when the world’s attention has been on the coronavirus. ”

Pressed again, Mr Raab said: “I don’t think they have made a difference to our response in terms of health, but certainly to Russia and other countries and, indeed, non-state actors see the challenges that Covid has created and attempt to exploit it.

“And we make sure that we had the resilience, the defence and the capacity to prevent them from doing so. ”

A little bit about this, The Independent has already reported how the NHS has been facing an increase in cyber attacks since the beginning of the pandemic.

GCHQ, the UK signals intelligence spy center, has been helping the health service to defend himself.

“They are not particular with the help of different techniques for doing it, they are always in search of pretty basic vulnerabilities in our cyber security, they are still going to try and use lures to get people to click on the wrong thing, or goes in search of vulnerabilities where people are not being backed up correctly, or where they have database passwords and so forth,” the agency’s chief executive Jeremy Fleming said earlier this month.

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