Coronavirus: how the pandemic has become policy in Brazil


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Despite the pandemic, the basis of Mr. Bolsonaro continued support

The management of the pandemic in Brazil has become very political.

The country has rapidly risen to the rank of leader of statistics on the coronavirus, and the number of dead – 41 828 – is now the second highest in the world.

The Americas represents about half the number of cases in the world. Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, is today the epicenter of the epicenter.

But his head still seems to care about very little – or at least that is the impression that he is happy to portray.

From the beginning, the president Jair Bolsonaro has minimized the virus. At the beginning of the crisis, it is passed to the tv several times, calling him a little the flu and accusing the media of hysteria.

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It was not intended to address television from a certain time, not wanting, perhaps, not be drowned out by the din of protesters who knock on their balconies intend to voice their anger at its leadership.

But in the absence of public issues, the public display of irreverence continues, even while his people bury their dead in mass graves in the Amazon and the hospitals in some parts are at the limit of collapse.

When asked about the number of deaths in April, Mr. Bolsonaro has been swept up by saying : “I’m not a gravedigger “. A week later, he was asked about a comment when Brazil has surpassed the number of deaths in China, to which he responded, ” so what ? “.

Coronavirus in Brazil

  • The country now has the second largest number of deaths in the world, surpassing the United Kingdom
  • He confirmed 828 810 case, according to the ministry of Health
  • It is the second highest total globally, behind only the United States
  • But the figures are considered to be much higher because of insufficient testing
  • The epidemic in the country is thought to be weeks away from its peak

Economy on the health

His message has remained the same all along – that the State governors have been reckless in the introduction of quarantine measures and the collateral damage to the economy will be worse than the effects of the virus itself.

“Its strategy is very clear,” says Oliver Stuenkel, professor of international relations at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo.

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“l do not want to be seen as the person responsible for this could very well become the worst economic crisis in the history of Brazil. [He’s] has decided not to take its responsibilities, because he saw his best chance to remain in office. I can’t see a change of pace.

While the Brazilians are preparing for the next few weeks – more than 1,000 people die every day – the politicians opened the country to the rear.

The surfers returned to the beaches of Rio and this week in Sao Paulo, the stores and shopping centers have reopened – but, and this is the little confusing – the quarantine has been prolonged in the largest city of Brazil until the end of the month.

So who’s going in the stores that are in the process of re-open? It is a message that is baffling – and alarming –

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The president has always criticized the action of lock to help curb the spread of the virus

“Nobody takes this seriously,” says Josy Almeida Balbino, who was buried last week, his sister Kelly and his father Antonio after their death of Covide-19.

“from one day to the other, the people are deteriorating,” says Josy. Kelly and Antonio have been admitted to the hospital on the same day, lying in icu beds one beside the other, and died within a day of one another.

“They will open again, in the worst moment of the crisis,” adds his son, Marcos.

Policy against pandemic

At a time when Brazil has put all its efforts in the fight against the virus, the president did nothing of the kind. Instead, he was wrapped up in its own political battles.

The supreme Court investigation into allegations of misinformation and intimidation of its supporters. It is also the subject of an investigation into allegations that he interfered in the investigations of the federal police to protect his family.

The tensions between Mr. Bolsonaro and the justice system are bright.

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Sometimes, these last few months, the policy was greater than the pandemic. This is not to say that the health crisis is less important, but the extent of political scandals is so enormous and the implications so important for Brazil.

There is anger at the management of the crisis by Mr. Bolsonaro – but also by the growing fear of the future of Brazil after the pandemic.

The president has no doubt lost its support in recent months, but its base has been strengthened. Approximately 30% of the people support it. They want the economy works and think that the concern about the virus is exaggerated. Their support is more fervent than ever.

For those who oppose Mr. Bolsonaro, the spectrum of the army is disturbing. He openly praised the military dictatorship brazilian that lasts for two decades. And it supports the demonstrations calling for military intervention and at the end of the Congress and the supreme Court.

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Anger persists among the critics of Mr. Bolsonaro on its management of the pandemic

The role of the military has been strengthened in this pandemic – gone are not only one, but two ministers of Health – the two doctors – and in their place, Eduardo Pazuello, an acting minister who has no medical background, he is a general. He has since appointed several members to the ministry of Health.

Under the direction of Mr. Pazuello, the army has been tasked to increase the production of hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial promoted by Jair Bolsonaro and the president of Donald Trump without any proven advantage in the treatment of Covide-19.

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Does anyone know where is the head of this pandemic in Brazil. With these levels dismal of tests, it is so difficult to get a true picture of the extent of the virus here, but the whole world is in agreement that the actual situation is much worse than the official figures suggest.

Does anyone know either where Brazil is headed – and for many, it is an image more disturbing than the pandemic itself.


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