Coronavirus fears in China find new target: salmon


Some Chinese researchers and state media have looked at the discovery that the virus of the latest epidemic most closely resembles what they have described as a “European strain.” They cited it as the last reason to wonder if the virus originated in Wuhan. The title of a Global Times article said on Monday that “The source of the Beijing business is reviving speculation about the origin of Covid-19.”

Other experts said speculation about the virus strain was misleading.

“He clearly appeared in Wuhan,” said Ben Cowling, professor and head of the division of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health. “In the media in China, they say it is a European strain but they did not say that it was the virus that came from Wuhan and went to Europe and then came back. “

As Beijing returns to a partial lockout, many restaurateurs like Li Kuan find it harder to be optimistic about the future. Li was forced to suspend business at his upscale 30-seat Japanese restaurant at the height of the epidemic, but bookings quickly rebounded in May as restrictions were lifted.

But since Friday, the intimate earthy restaurant in east Beijing has been almost empty. Mr. Li said he was reluctant to close the restaurant because he did not want to give in to disinformation. But he was struggling to stay afloat – he had already sent half his staff home and was sitting on a stock of fresh tuna and rapidly expiring salmon from Japan.

“I’ve been a chef for so many years, I can’t give up now,” said Li. “But right now, the problem I’m thinking about is just: when is this going to end? “


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