Coronavirus: Covid-denying priest Father Sergei Romanov seizes Russian monastery


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Father Sergei Romanov has encouraged people to disobey the public health orders

An ultraconservative Russian priest who refuses coronavirus is has taken more of a women’s monastery by force.

Father Sergei Romanov entered the Sredneuralsk convent outside of the city of Yekaterinburg on Tuesday.

The mother superior and several nuns have left and armed guards are patrolling the site.

Father Sergei said the authorities of the church “will be the assault of the monastery” if they want him to leave.

The Police visited the site on Wednesday, but made no arrests.

The controversial cleric was banned from preaching in April, and then stripped of his right to wear a cross in May, after he has encouraged the faithful to disobey the public health orders.

Father Sergei helped found the Sredneuralsk Convent in the early 2000s, and hundreds of people have flocked over the years to hear his sermons.

The Russian authorities close down churches for the worshippers of the April 13, in the middle of the course of the pandemic, and has re-opened its doors to them this month.

On Thursday, the representatives said Russia has confirmed 7,790 new infections – the lowest of his daily rise in six weeks – bringing the total of registered cases to 561,091. The official death toll stands at 7,660, even if the critics fear that the real number is much higher.

What is happening in the monastery?

Father Sergei has described the current coronavirus outbreak as a ” pseudo-pandemic “, and has accused church leaders of “working with the precursors of the Antichrist” by the closing of churches.

After the suspension of him in May, the Russian Orthodox Church has organized an ecclesiastical court to determine its future.

But at the court of session on Monday, Father Sergei said to the leaders of his consciousness was clear and said that they would have to kick him out of the Sredneuralsk monastery by force. He left the meeting, and on Tuesday, took control of the site.

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The controversial cleric was banned from preaching

Reports suggest that many armed men now guard, are veterans of the ongoing conflict in the east of Ukraine. Journalists are banned, if a reporter for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, has managed to get inside past the guards and met with the Father of Serge.

“The diocese forbids me to serve, forbids me to speak. But I had the chance to talk, ” he said to the journalist.

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Father Sergei faces another session of the ecclesiastical court, on the 26th of June.

The Yekaterinburg diocese, told the Mother Superior Varvara – which has led to the convent since 2005 – left temporarily “to avoid the conflict,” and said that the cleric must use the time ahead of his next court ” for correction and repentance “.

Who is the Father Sergei?

A former police officer, Father Sergei has spent 13 years in a penal colony for murder, although his supporters deny this is the case. He was released at the end of the 1990s.

Legally, the priest changed his name to Nicholas Romanov, in honour of the Russian Tsar Nicolas II. The former emperor and his family were thought to have been buried outside Ekaterinburg after their murder in 1918, near the Sredneuralsk site, and Father Sergei is regarded as the figurehead of the shadow “czar” worshipper ” movement within the church.

Father Sergei has made many controversial claims in the past, including suggesting the Antichrist would soon be in Russia, as a counterpart to President Vladimir Putin, and criticized the laws against domestic violence and anti-Semitic sermons. He has also taught at several Russian sports stars and politicians.

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