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Beijing is not completely blocked, at least not yet.

But the new outbreak here concerned about the people – and the chinese communist Party.

Today, the authorities have confirmed that 21 other cases of local transmission of COVID-19[female[feminine in the capital, bringing the total of the last group, at 158. And they are not limited to Beijing – the cases have been registered in the provinces of China.

The first question is how this happened. Life in China was returned to normal, people returning to work and restaurants reopening.

But the country still had some of the most stringent COVID-19[female[feminine measures are in place. It is still prohibited for foreigners to enter the country, with a few exceptions.

The entry in the buildings and the stores requires to scan a QR code on your phone to collect your location history. The masks and the temperature controls are ubiquitous.

And yet there we are. Its exact origins remain a mystery, despite claims from China that it is a european origin of the virus. China has sequenced the genome, but – shock, horror – was not made public, it is impossible for the outside world to know.

Meanwhile, the full power of the chinese State has been put to use. More than 350 000 tests were carried out in four days.

Contacts have been widely found. Several residential complexes have been sealed. And all the schools were closed, bars were closed and flights to and from the capital have been reduced. “Measures in time of war” as stated by one local official.

Beijing takes measures to limit the outbreak of COVID

The concern is clear, for China but also for the rest of the world, is that this ripple of coronavirus to become a second wave.

But other countries have dealt with these corrugations with a lot more light.

Since the beginning of the month of may, South Korea – one of the success stories in the management COVID-19[female[feminine – saw three clusters, 273 persons, 147 people and 139 people in different places. They have reintroduced the measures of social distancing, but have not responded with the iron fist of China. And so far, at least, there has been no second wave.

China, however, is not ready to take any chance. There are two possible reasons for this.

First, the authorities give priority to the safety of Beijing, first of all, regardless of the disruption that it brings to the lives of people.

The chinese authorities are struggling against an epidemic of COVID
The chinese authorities are struggling against an epidemic of COVID

Secondly, the number of cases could be much higher than the one published – Beijing could really be afraid that this is the second wave.

The answer is probably a combination of the two. China rightly held to protect its citizens and prefers to overreacting.

But this does not apply only to chinese citizens, it is the chinese communist Party itself.

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The party has trumpeted its success in fighting COVID-19[female[feminineespecially compared to the mess that some western countries have made. And he introduced the chinese president Xi Jinping as a central element of this success.

Consequently, this success should continue – whatever it costs.


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