Coronavirus chart shows Hull infection rate among the highest in the UK


Hull is now over a month behind London in terms of coronavirus infection rates.

The new discoveries come as new data shows that a greater proportion of people in the city are still affected by the coronavirus, compared to most other places in the UK.

Since the lockdown started to decrease in early May, the average number of Hull cases has continued to drop.

But it’s not at the same pace as the neighboring riding of East Riding, leaving the average number of people infected per 100,000 “a little behind schedule.”

It was according to the University of Hull statistician, Dr. Michael A. Nolan, who modeled the latest trends using data provided daily by the Department of Health.

The infection rate in Hull is much higher than in some other parts of the UK
The infection rate in Hull is much higher than in some other parts of the UK

Despite the downward trend, the graph may cause concern in the city as the government plans to introduce local closures in areas that are struggling to keep Covid-19 at bay.

“This shows that clear progress has been made in reducing the incidence of confirmed infections, adjusted for the size of the population,” said Dr. Nolan.

“We always seem to be behind schedule. Of course, other local authorities and regions are also lagging behind the progress seen in most of London.

“It is more or less inevitable that different regions will not see progress through a crisis like this at identical rates. “

He also pointed out that many other parts of the UK are using different ways to record the results and have implemented locking relaxation in different ways.

Scotland and Northern Ireland appear to have made greater progress than most countries in the United Kingdom, including Hull and East Riding.

Despite the worrying trend, no new deaths were added to the death toll from East Yorkshire coronavirus on Thursday.

A total of 168 people lost their lives at Covid-19 between Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital.

Nationally, that number stands at 39,904 after an increase of 176 was recorded in the 24 hours until 9 hours Thursday.


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