Coronavirus: Brazil becomes the second country to pass 50,000 deaths


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The indigenous communities are among those hardest hit by the epidemic in Brazil

Brazil became the second country, after the united states, to enroll in more than 50 000 deaths per Covid-19.

The grim milestone comes days after the country confirmed more than one million infections by coronavirus.

But experts say the real figures are higher due to a lack of testing and the epidemic peak is yet to come.

During this time, thousands of supporters and opponents of Brazil, the extreme right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro took to the streets in rival demonstrations.

Anti-government protesters call for Mr. Bolsonaro to be put in charge. It follows the arrest Thursday of a former assistant and friend of the family, who is accused of corruption. His supporters say that the Congress and the Supreme Court are trying to curb his powers.

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Anti-government protesters gathered in cities such as Sao Paulo

Mr. Bolsonaro has also been heavily criticized for its response to the outbreak of coronavirus. He has opposed a “loopback” and openly disagree with the opinion of his government, department of health.

On Sunday, the ministry announced that 641 more deaths had been recorded in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 50,617. During the same period, he also recorded more than 17 000 new infections.

Only the united states have gotten worse, with 2.2 million cases and nearly 120,000 deaths.

  • Brazil becomes the second country to hit a million cases

Mr. Bolsonaro asserted that the economic impact of the measures will be much larger than the virus itself, a position shared by many. But its comprehensive approach to the crisis led to the resignation of two physicians that the minister of health.

There is no national program of lock, but states and cities have adopted their own measures. After months of restrictions, some of which are in the process of being lifted, even if the levels of infection remain high.

There is still that the health system will be unable to cope in some places, and that the disease spreads more quickly in poor neighborhoods, and in remote areas, such as aboriginal communities, where access to quality healthcare is difficult.

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Followers of Jair Bolsonaro also took to the streets of Sao Paulo

As well as of the pandemic, Mr. Bolsonaro is facing a growing political crisis. He is under investigation for attempting to interfere with the police for political reasons, which he denies, while the Supreme Court is the realization of two surveys on its allies.

On Sunday, police in the capital, Brasilia, kept rival groups apart as they marched in front of the Congress and the Supreme Court buildings.

Other rallies took place in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


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