Coronavirus: Boris Johnson launches a revision on the rule of the social distancing of 2 million


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Boris Johnson has ordered a review of the rule of social distancing 2 m (6 ft), as a result of calls to the remove.

Companies and some members of Mr. Johnson warned that a large part of the hospitality industry would not be viable with the rule of the coronavirus 2 m in place.

The review will aim to be completed by July 4, the date on which the pubs and restaurants could open at the earliest in England.

But the former conservative chief Sir Iain Duncan Smith has cast doubt on the need for review, stating that ” the evidence is already there “.

“That there was a review or not, it will be a political judgment that the Prime minister will do that,” said Sir Iain, who has already declared that the rule of 2 million could delay the recovery of the economy.

“He must take the decision now for the good of the economy. If there must be a review, it should be fast.

The review, which was first reported in the Mail on Sunday, will take evidence from scientists as well as economists.

Currently, the british government advises people to stay 2m apart from others to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It is further the recommendation of the world health Organization of at least 1 m (a little over 3 feet), and other countries such as France and Denmark. But the scientific advisors of the british government say that the fact that 1-m interval up to 10 times the risk to be within 2 m of one another.

However, the impact of the rule on the british economy, which is already suffering from the pandemic, raises many concerns.

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The shops of Oxford Street in London is preparing to reopen on Monday with the rule of 2m in place

Some of the bars, restaurants and pubs say they will not be able to make a profit if the 2m is still in place when they reopened. Tourism businesses have also warned against tens of thousands of job losses unless the distance is shortened.

Kate Nicholls, the director-general of the industry body UK Hospitality, says that, with a rule of 2 million, the outlets would not be able to realize that approximately 30% of the income normal, so that an m2 would increase to 60-75 %.

Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the committee of 1922 made up of conservative mps behind the ban, welcomed the review and said that a pass to 1 m would be ” essential “.

It comes as the number of people who died with the coronavirus in the United Kingdom has increased by 181 bringing the official total to 41.662, the latest figures from the government on Saturday showed.

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Legend of the mediaThe british government advises us to stay within two metres of one another – but what does that look like it?

The distance of 2 m has been implemented by all the nations of the United Kingdom, which have their own authorities on the restrictions. But until now, the political leaders have rejected calls to relax the rule of 2 million.

Earlier this week, the chief medical officer of Scotland, Dr Gregor Smith, said that the evidence was “indisputable” that the risk of transmission of the virus increased more to draw you closer to someone.

He said that it was a “precautionary balanced and reasonable” to ensure that the transmission is reduced.

And the first minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, said that the medical advice suggested that 2 m of gap was ” the safest place where to be “.

While the pubs, bars and restaurants could open in England from 4 July, no date has been given in Scotland, Wales or Ni.

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On Saturday, millions of people in England and Northern Ireland were able to break the distance of 2 m with some loved ones after the government has allowed people who live alone, and single parents in England to form bubbles social with another household.

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During this time, from Monday, all the stores not essential in England will be allowed to reopen – as long as they apply the 2 million tips among buyers and staff.

In Northern Ireland, all the shops were allowed to open from Friday. No date has been set for the reopening of the stores not essential in Scotland and Wales, although each country has set out the steps required for the lifting of the blockade.

The british government has repeatedly stated that he is constantly in the process of revising its guidelines lock coronavirus.


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