Coronavirus: a change in social distancing is recommended and a warning of corporate resilience


Here are five things you should know about the coronavirus outbreak this Thursday morning. We will have another update for you at 6:00 p.m. BST.

1. Calls multiply to end the two-meter distance

Boris Johnson faces pressure from backbench MPs – including former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith – to ease the 2-meter (6-foot) social distancing rule in England, which is currently reflected across the United Kingdom. Sir Iain urged the PM to follow World Health Organization guidelines over a distance of one meter, followed in countries like France, Denmark and Singapore. However, doctors in the UK advise against any changes. The British government says it is constantly reviewing its guidelines.

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2. Businesses “can’t face any deal or virus”

British companies lack the resilience to face a Brexit without agreement because the coronavirus crisis has wiped out the reserves they have built up to deal with any disruption in EU trade, the BBC said. CBI lobby group leader Dame Carolyn Fairbairn. The government says it wants an agreement but insists that “whatever happens”, the UK will leave the single market and the customs union at the end of the transitional period at the end of the year.

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3. Fears about online grooming of locked-in children

The top UK police official in charge of online grooming said he feared a considerable increase in the number of cases during the lockdown, when children are alone and vulnerable online.

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Media captionBBC News spoke to an internet security activist and an investigator posing as a 14-year-old girl online about the grooming attempt she encountered.

4. Police warn of threat of radicalization

Spending time online during the lockout may have led to more people becoming radicalized, warns a police chief. The current level of terrorist threat in the UK is “substantial”, which means that an attack is likely, and Lucy D’Orsi of the Met Police urges the public to remain vigilant as restrictions are relaxed and people return to public spaces.

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5. Coronation Street and the Rovers are back

The stars of Coronation Street are back on the cobblestones, as filming resumes with social distancing measures in place. The episodes recorded this week will be broadcast in July.

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Media captionProgram bosses and stars describe how the shooting has changed.

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And do not forget …

… the rules for meeting with people outside your home in each of the UK’s four countries, including the “bubbles of support” announced for Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday for England.

You can find more information, tips and guides on our coronavirus page and our live page contains all the latest developments.

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