Coronation Street spoilers – Geoff new plan in 20 photos


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Monday 6 July: Alya is a big question for Sally

She asked if Sally would be willing to be a witness for the defence, to Yasmeen’s upcoming trial.

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Monday 6 July: Sally makes her next move

Want to hear Yasmeen’s side of the story in its entirety, she visits him in prison.

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Monday 6 July: Yasmeen reveals a part of his ordeal with Geoff

Sally is shocked by what she hears.

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Monday 6 July: Sally resolution is enhanced

She knows she did the right thing by supporting Yasmeen.

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Monday, July 6: Dr Gaddas and Nick are worried about Leanne

Leanne’s behavior became a cause of concern, since Oliver’s diagnosis.

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Monday 6 July: Leanne is invited to consider medication and counseling

But she is furious and refuses to take the Dr Gaddas advice.

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Wednesday, July 8: Geoff is not happy

He is livid after learning that Sally visited Yasmeen.

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Wednesday, July 8: Geoff applies for a prison visit of his own

He hopes that he can regain control of Yasmeen.

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Wednesday, July 8: Roy apologizes to Evelyn

His friendship with Arthur was standing in the way of Evelyn’s potential romance with his old flame.

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Wednesday, July 8: Roy offers Evelyn some tips

Realizing that Evelyn feels too old for romance, Roy assures him that age is not a barrier. Convinced, Evelyn phones Arthur and in fact another day.

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Wednesday, July 8: Michael and Grace have lunch together

Michael is in the hope of getting closer to his ex and be a full-time dad for tianna again.

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Wednesday, July 8,: Michael suggests giving their relationship another try

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Friday 10 July: Geoff returns to work at the Speed Daal

Alya is surprised to see him back.

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Friday 10 July: Geoff secretly hatches a new plan

Geoff surprises Alya saying that she is waiting for a call Yasmeen at 3.30 pm. Geoff steals Alya phone to intercept the call.

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Friday 10 July: Yasmeen receives a shock

When she called Alya, Geoff is the one who responds. Will Geoff manage to get inside Yasmeen’s head again?

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Friday, July 10: Kevin receives a call for a breakdown

It’s a busy day in the garage.

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Friday 10 July: Abi recognizes the name of the client

This is the twins ‘ adoptive dad, so Abi says she is too busy to go.

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Friday, July 10: Laura visits Gary at the furniture store

She says that Rick has had 24 hours to give him a little more money or she goes to the police.

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Friday 10 July: Leanne apologies to Toyah

She admits that she said some terrible things Toyah earlier in the week, still struggling after Oliver’s diagnosis.

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Friday, July 10: Nick is happy to see Leanne to apologise

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