Coronation Street spoilers for next week – cruel confessions, death tragedy and change of identity


Tears, grief and startling revelations are in store for the residents of Weatherfield next week.A mother will be devastated when she hears horrible news about her child’s health – will she be able to accept her new reality?

Meanwhile, the motives of another arouse suspicion, but will their true identity finally be revealed?

Here’s what fans can expect next week on soap…

Oliver’s disease is confirmed as incurable

Leanne, played by Jane Danson, continues to struggle after a consultant told Steve and Steve that Oliver had an incurable form of mitochondrial disease.

Leanne and Steve are devastated by Oliver’s diagnosis

The pair are doing their best to process the heartbreaking news and, unable to believe it, Leanne requests a second opinion.

At home, the rest of the family is shaken by the news…

Simon Barlow devastated by Leanne’s confession

When Leanne is at home, the rest of the family is shaken by the news and Leanne collapses, telling Steve that Oliver is everything she ever wanted and that when he dies, she will have nothing.

Simon, who was adopted by Leanne when she was married to Peter, surprises and is heartbroken.

Simon is upset after hearing Leanne’s words

He goes to school for his exam and Simon decides to leave the house.

Leanne tries to apologize but Simon insists on living with her father …

Johnny continues to avoid Scott amid Carla’s explosive explosion

Next week, Johnny’s wife Jenny finally returns home after their stay in Paris – but brings news that annoys Scott.

Johnny decides to stay away for a bit longer, clearly avoiding a meeting with him.

So fans hoping for a showdown that would reveal everything can be left to wait for a while.

It’s not yet clear what Scott wants or why Johnny avoids him, but fans are speculating on a huge twist.

Scott’s connection to Johnny has yet to be confirmed

It seemed like he was looking for Johnny or at least that they were hiding something from their past.

But Scott’s recent behavior towards Carla has led many to believe that he could be his real father, not Johnny…

As well…

  • Alina ends her friendship with Seb
  • Toyah and Imran agree to postpone foster care
  • The romantic night of Fiz and Tyrone in ruins

* Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV


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