Coronation Street fans spot surprise return of character in Yasmeen court scenes


Coronation Street viewers were delighted to welcome a character back to the ITV series on Monday.After months off screen, Paula Martin made a surprise comeback to the series amid problems for Yasmeen Nazir.

Paula, who worked with Imran Habeeb and Adam Barlow at the street law firm, hadn’t been there for a while.

Suddenly, she was shown to support Yasmeen when he appeared before Imran, who was part of his legal team, it seems.

Fans did not know that she was back or even a party to the trial, while they were waiting to hear Yasmeen’s verdict.

Coronation Street fans spotted a familiar face during Yasmeen’s court scenes

Speaking to Twitter, viewers began to wonder if they had spotted the fan favorite in the scenes.

It was obvious from the captures that it was, fans were delighted to have it on board.

One viewer tweeted, “Okay, I missed something … is Paula Yasmeen’s lawyer or is it Geoff? “

Coronation Street fans spotted Paula Martin on the show

Another added, “Does Paula sitting in front of Imran help the Yasmeen during her trial? ”

A third commented: “Paula representing Yasmin… .. brilliant x. ”

Yasmeen was charged with attempting to kill her husband, Geoff Metcalfe, after stabbing him in the neck with a glass bottle – as well as hitting him on the head.

Paula was shown seated with Imran under Yasmeen

Geoff has been manipulating and abusing his wife for months, but things escalated when Geoff turned on her, which led to her fighting.

Since then, she has been in prison, refusing to tell her side of the story so far.

On Monday, she finally told her granddaughter Alya Nazir what her partner had been doing to her for months.

Paula hasn’t been on Corrie in a while

Later, when she appeared in court, the judge asked her to plead her case under the supervision of her relatives.

The episode ended before she made her decision, and fans will have to log in Wednesday to find out what she says.

Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV.


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