Coronation Street broadcasts heartbreaking scene from Oliver before tragic diagnosis


Coronation Street viewers were heartbroken for Leanne Battersby on Friday night when the character had hope for her young son Oliver.The three-year-old girl will be diagnosed with mitochondrial disease after a recent seizure and ill-health crisis.

Leanne and Oliver’s father Steve McDonald worried recently that their son may have a life-limiting condition.

The hospital performed a number of medical tests on the cub, including some for genetic problems, as the consultant suggested that he was likely to have a genetic disease.

Most recently, Leanne and her partner Nick Tilsley, as well as Oliver’s father Steve, remained hopeful after a change in Oliver’s behavior.

Coronation Street has given Leanne hope before devastating scenes

He seemed to be more like he was before he got sick, and also had a new appetite – with him, he was currently using a feeding tube through the nose.

In the last episode, Leanne couldn’t help but celebrate the various things that Oliver had done this week that seemed to suggest that his condition was improving.

Leanne hoped it would mean there was nothing to worry about before a hospital appointment that day.

Corrie: Oliver seemed to be getting better

She and Nick smiled at each other and agreed it was positive, when she was worried about what the consultant would say at the hospital.

A few days earlier after a trip to a petting zoo, Oliver seemed much more alert than he was.

He was laughing at the cows and seemed to be really enjoying himself, leaving Leanne and Steve again hopeful for their son.

Leanne hoped her son would be fine

The spectators were moved by the scenes, knowing that the youngster was not going to be well.

Oliver will be diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease in the scenes to come.

It’s Leanne’s meeting that will deliver this news in episodes to air next week.

Nick and family will soon hear heartbreaking news

Seeing how happy and hopeful the family was, viewers were emptied of their sight before the devastating news.

The family will face unrest next week when news of their condition hits the streets.

Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV.


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