Contra Costa records for the most new cases ever


Contra Costa County reported 92 new COVID-19 case on Saturday, the most ever recorded in a single day in the county. That comes a day where at least four counties of the Bay Area reported no new deaths from the virus.Contra Costa County of 92 new COVID-19 cases bring the total to 2,240 cases. The second-highest single-day case total in the county was the 9th of June, when the county reported 68 new cases. Friday, the county also reported the most test always 2,448, after the declaration of 2,016 new tests, on the 19th of June. The number of positive tests increased slightly to 3.2 percent. It is not clear how many of the tests reported on Friday were positive.

Contra Costa County has also had 56 deaths of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Alameda County, which, since May 18, has had the most cases of coronavirus in the Bay Area, has reported 103 new cases on Saturday, the third day, with more than 100 daily cases since June 16. The county said 4,805 total number of cases and 118 deaths. There were no new fatalities were reported on Saturday.

The seven-day moving average on the new tests carried out in Alameda County has decreased from a high of 2,552 Tuesday, to 1,994 Friday, the most recent data available. Seven-day average rate of positive tests in the county fell slightly Friday, to 3.4 percent.


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