Comedian Chris D’Elia accused of making progress on underage girls


Warning: This article contains explicit language and may trigger for some readers. Please read at your discretion.Comedian Chris D’Elia has been charged with sexual misconduct with several underage girls.

In a Twitter feed, user Simone Rossi shared screenshots of an alleged conversation with the You actress of 2015, when she was 16 years old.

She said she was “being treated” by D’Elia and she said she “couldn’t believe” that Netflix chose him “as the pedophile of the season for[sic] of You like the literal IRONY. ”

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“Imagine being 16 years old and being looked after by a comedian standing twice ur[sic] age and the only reason you never met and was never physically weighed down because you just got a ur boyfriend[sic] own age, “said Rossi in a tweet, which included an alleged 2015 thread between her and D’Elia in which the comedian asked,” can we get out? ”

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Twitter / @ girlpowertbh.

“For a long time I thought it was embarrassing for ME to interact with this older man, but he was the one who treated me on Twitter and the one who was twice my age and who used the power imbalance. between us to his advantage if f – k chris d’elia, ”she wrote.

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Rossi alleged that she was “certainly not the only minor girl” to whom the 40-year-old comedian did this.

“For a long time I thought it was just a funny story to tell at parties when I realized that what had happened was not normal and that he was doing it and could still do that to younger girls and it’s my job to say something, ”added Rossi. .

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“F – k you @chrisdelia and also @netflix I highly doubt that throwing this creep as a pedophile is a coincidence. at least I could see him dying dying, “she says said.

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D’Elia appeared in Netflix season 2 You where he played Joshua “Henderson” Bunter, who was a standing comedian and turns out to be a violent pedophile. Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, ends up killing him.

Rossi said she wanted to thank “everyone who has been so nice to me about this” and that she was happy that other girls had found the strength to express themselves. ”

In other Tweeter Rossi wrote, “I just want to say that I don’t really give an f – k if you don’t believe me. stop asking me to talk more about grooming and my experience so that you “believe” me. My voice and the COUNTLESS voices of other girls and women should be enough. ”

She also posted screenshots of an email where D’Elia allegedly asked her for her Instagram ID and another email in which he said “Continue.”

“For those who think they are doing something by asking for proof that I told him my age, he followed me on Instagram when it looked like that. my high school name was in my biography. he never openly asked my age. so please close the f – k, “she wrote in the Tweeter with the attached screenshots.

After Rossi’s Twitter feed got a lot of attention, more women talked about their alleged interactions with D’Elia.

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Twitter account, She Rates Dogs, shared a screenshot of a conversation on D’Elia in which an anonymous user claims that “in early 2018” he “exposed himself” to a hotel employee called to fix the air. air conditioning unit in his room.

“Fun fact about Chris Delia. When he stayed at my hotel two years ago, he asked for help with his air conditioning unit and then exposed himself to the woman who went to help. Then tried to get her back into the bedroom. If you see / pls post leave me anonymous, but it was in Cleveland Ohio when it was released in early 2018, “reads the post.

In another message, another anonymous person said that when D’Elia performed in Boulder “last year, I went with my minor friend and she sent him a message on IG saying that she liked the series, because she was famous on Instagram, and he asked me and me to come back to his hotel room later to “cuddle” with him. “

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Another Twitter user named Meg alleged that D’Elia “solicited minors’ nudes in Vancouver and tried to f-k my friend when we were 16. ”

“And when I called you on Twitter, you told him that you would ruin his life if I didn’t delete him. absolute pedophile scumbag, “she added.

Another Twitter user from Vancouver wrote: “Although I have said it publicly for years, F – K Chris D’elia. He solicited nudes out of me when I was 17 and constantly sent me messages every time he toured Vancouver and asked me to go backstage at his shows. ”

Liv Stadler posted a Twitter thread on D’Elia “being in Toronto filming something”.

“At 21, I was an aspiring actor and a big fan of Chris D’Elia. One day Chris tweeted that he was in Toronto to film something, so I joked that he wanted to hang out. He invited me to “go out” almost immediately and I panicked! ” she wrote.

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She continued, “I was going to meet one of my biggest comedy idols! I understood the subtext that he was going to try to have sex with me, what other interest would he have in “hanging out” with me, if not nobody? ”

Stadler said she was “young and mute” and agreed to meet him in public in a bar.

“10 minutes before our meeting, he changed places to go to the bar of his hotel. I sighed, knowing where it was going. But I went there anyway, I wanted to meet him! ” she wrote.

“When I got to the hotel bar, I ordered a drink and texted him, telling him I was there. As you would expect, he told me to come to his hotel room. I said “no thanks, I prefer to be at the bar”. He stopped responding, ”she said.

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Stadler said she started “drinking at the hotel bar while I was thinking about the situation.”

“Finally, I texted him … asking him what his room number was. He told me so and I loaded all my drinks into his room and left. THE END, ”she wrote.

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D’Elia has yet to comment on the allegations against him.

Global News has contacted D’Elia’s management for comments.

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence or is involved in a situation of violence, please visit the Canadian Resource Center for Victims of Crime for assistance. They are also available toll-free at 1-877-232-2610.

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