Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline already finished? Who is Vanessa Guerra?


90-day fiancé: always happy Star Colt Johnson may have already left Jess Caroline. Colt and Jess were presented as a couple in the current season of the hit TLC drama, but fans believe they have already split up. Colt hasn’t confirmed anything about his relationship with Jess, but viewers believe he has moved on and are now dating a woman named Vanessa Guerra.

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Colt presents fans to Jess on “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After”

In the new season of 90-day fiancé: always happy, Colt has revealed that he and Jess are now together. Jess is originally from Brazil, as is Colt’s former wife Larissa Lima, and the two apparently did well in the last episode.

She also lives in Chicago and fans quickly speculated
that she could use Colt to stay in the United States. But when Colt flew
in Chicago for a quick visit, the couple discovered that they both adore cats,
it’s something they immediately connected.

Viewers also discovered that Jess’s visa was about to expire, which is why some fans thought she was only using Colt to avoid having to go home to Brazil.

While their romance is still playing in the series, she
Looks like Colt may have already abandoned Jess for a new girl.

Colt is dating someone new?

Engaged 90 days Fans
are convinced that Colt already has another woman in his life. According to Soap
Damn it, viewers learned about Colt’s other girlfriend in 2019 when his former
his wife accused her of posting naughty photos of her on social media.

The woman in question is called Vanessa Guerra. Vanessa is from Las Vegas and she should appear in the next installments of 90-day fiancé: always happy.

We cannot confirm that Colt and Vanessa are romantically
involved, but we will certainly learn more about Vanessa in future episodes.

In fact, the spoilers indicate that Jess will become jealous later this season after discovering that Colt and Vanessa have been texting without her knowledge. Given how Colt has a history of this type of behavior, Vanessa could very well be the reason why Jess and Jess are separating.

Are Jess and Larissa friends?

Jess and Larissa are related due to the fact that they both
dated Colt, but some fans think the two might be closer than before

The friendship rumors first appeared after Larissa commented on a few photos of Jess on social media. After telling people they should “follow this beauty” Engaged 90 days fans thought they should be friends.

In light of rumors, Larissa recently confirmed that she
and Jess are not friends and she has “no plans” to be friends with Jess.

That said, they have a connection to each other outside of Colt. Jess is said to be dating a man named Brian Hanvey, who worked with Larissa in a music video. The two even popped up in some photos, and the show even showed a glimpse of their meeting at some point this season.

“90 Day Fiance” fans accuse Colt of being a sex addict

During the first season of 5 90-day fiancé: always happy, Colt has raised much controversy over his behavior towards Jess.

After meeting Jess in a bar, the two began to do
in public, a move that made spectators very uncomfortable. When Jess
suggested that sex on a first date is not out of the question, Colt anything but
jumped at the opportunity to connect with Brazilian beauty.

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Of course, this is not the first time that Colt has engaged in questionable behavior in front of the cameras. And his former wife even accused him of being a sex addict while they were still together.

We don’t know how things will end between Colt and
Jess but fans can watch the whole drama unfold when new episodes of 90-day fiancé: always happy air
Sunday evening on TLC.


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