Coleen Rooney Wagatha Christie case against Rebekah Vardy stalls on key details


Coleen Rooney has been told his legal case against Rebekah Vardy is not strong enough to proceed, according to new reports.The furious WAG has reportedly abandoned its legal team in response and wants to start over with new lawyers, which leads to a potentially hefty bill.

The 34-year-old mother of four wanted to “save” the proceedings after being told that a key detail was overlooked in the process of discovering the mole who allegedly leaked false information about her to the Sun.

Last October, Coleen set fire to the Internet when she accused someone operating Becky Vardy’s Instagram account of selling fake stories that she had placed on her Insta Story as bait.

Coleen was nicknamed Wagatha Christie in the wake of the row

After months of a secret investigation, Coleen pulled the trigger and discovered the lengths she went to find out who had leaked to the press.

But Becky retaliated, furiously denying any involvement and saying that the stress of the DE Coleen war affected her pregnancy.

Now Coleen is said to be desperate to get his legal case on track with a new team of privacy lawyers.

“When Coleen released his infamous Wagatha Christie allegations, she thought it was total certainty that she was in the law,” a source told The Sun.

“But now, she has been told that she may have made some mistakes along the way and is keen to shift the blame to someone else. It’s a total mess.

Coleen set fire to the Internet with his bombshell statement last year

Becky in tears denied being the mole who leaked fake Rooney stories to the press

The key detail at the heart of the stalled De Coleen case is seen as a hidden error.

“Along the way, something was hidden from everyone else involved and it could end up costing them the whole deal,” the source continued.

“Coleen still won’t back down – and now she has decided who to hold accountable, she intends to shell out big time and hire a very expensive London legal team who are specialists in media and privacy work. ”

The Coleen representative declined to comment to Mirror Online.

It comes after reports the two women could go head-to-head in an ITV viewing ratings after television bosses stepped up a charm offensive to sign them up.

Coleen and Becky in the crowd for England v Wales at Euro 2016

Coleen would have been approached for the Dancing On Ice series of 2021, while the producers of Loose Women are eager to poach Jamie Vardy’s wife for their panel.

Becky is believed to have threatened to sue Coleen for libel after Wayne Rooney’s wife accused her of being the mole, after limiting his Instagram story solely to Becky’s account in order to catch the one who was leaking false stories on his family.

But Coleen has declared his intention to counter for breach of privacy, according to reports last month.

The two attended an arbitration hearing in May to try to prevent the case from going to court, but talks are believed to have ended in a stalemate.


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