Cody Garbrandt Calls Bantamweight Title Tournament: “Let’s Go to Old School”


Things are certainly heating up at bantam again as the contenders come out of the woodwork to compete for a vacant title shot of 135 pounds. Of course, the UFC has apparently already promised this title to the winner of a Petr Yan fight against Jose Aldo. But this confrontation is so ridiculous in the eyes of many that Cody Garbrandt still has hope that he will be overwhelmed. convincing case to insert it.

“I heard they were going to” Fight Island “and there’s only one name I want to fight on” Fight Island “and it’s Petr Yan,” Garbrandt said at the conference post-combat press release. “So Dana … I’m in good health, I’m ready, I want this bracelet to come back, I want this world championship to come back. It is vacant for a reason and it is my destiny to recover it. So I’m going to go through who they need me from, but it’s inevitable that it’s mine. “

What if he can’t slip into this title fight?

“Let’s do a tournament, let’s do a bantamweight tournament,” suggested Cody. “Let’s go. Let’s go to Fight Island for a few months, quarantine ourselves, and bring our coaches enough Trifecta food to eat – a little cap there. And let’s go to war. Let’s start this battle, this tournament, and see who the real champion is. Let’s go back to the time. ”

As for how his big knockout victory in the last second of the second round came about, Garbrandt gave all the credit to his new team led by Mark Henry (while shouting his training partners at Alpha Male ).

“Coach Mark and my other coaches said,” Hey, indoor shots, a lot of your knockouts come from indoor shots. “Said Garbrandt. “So a little dive and … that’s what we worked on on all the camps, going back to my old self, not being in front of someone. I have speed, I have power, I have vision. I don’t have to stand in front of these guys and fight to put on a show. I can separate them like that. I stayed calm, I waited for Assuncao to open up, make level changes, do what I had to do in our game plan with my coaches to get this victory. And it’s so good to also be in tune with the coaches and finally win this victory over a tough opponent. “


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