Coalition can’t wait to hear NBA plan for black causes before restarting


Avery Bradley says his group is eager to hear from the league office, property and sponsors on how they plan to resolve issues important to the black community before the NBA returns to Orlando.Bradley and the Coalition of Players Seek Improved Hiring Practices for Front Office and Black Coaching Applicants, Donations to Organizations Serving Black Communities, and Partnerships with Black-Owned Businesses and Vendors arenas.

“Whatever media coverage is received, speaking out and raising awareness about social injustice is not enough,” Bradley told ESPN. “Are we so self-absorbed to believe that no one in the world is aware of racism right now? That, as athletes, we solve real problems by using our platforms to speak?

“We don’t need to say more. We have to find a way to do more. Protesting for a hymn, wearing T-shirts is great, but we have to see real actions taken. “

The NBA has eight black general managers, but only four with final authority over basketball decisions. The NBA has seven black head coaches. The Masai Ujiri of Toronto has the title of President and full authority in basketball.

“Sitting does not directly combat systemic racism,” said Bradley. “But it highlights the fact that without black athletes, the NBA would not be what it is today. The league has a responsibility to our communities by helping us empower ourselves – just as we have made the NBA brand strong. “


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