Clare Crawley reveals why she’s ready to become “the Bachelorette” now


When Clare Crawley was chosen as the next bachelorette head, Bachelor Nation fans immediately remembered the last glorious words from reality star Juan Pablo Galavis. The 39-year-old showed strength that resonated with the audience at home. And now it looks like Crawley will bring the same kind of energy to The bachelorette Season 16.

What did Clare Crawley say to Juan Pablo Galavis on “The Bachelor”?

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In The single person Final of season 18, Galavis decided to ruin his last meeting with Crawley. During a helicopter flight, he told her something incredibly rude. And even if there were no microphones on the couple at the time, Us Weekly reported that Galavis said, “I love to fuck you, but I don’t know you. ”

At the end of his journey, Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell over Crawley. Nevertheless, the current bachelor had the last word.

“I lost respect for you,” said Crawley. “I’ll tell you what, I thought I knew what kind of man you were. What you made me live, I would never want my children to have a father like you. ”

Then, when Crawley was chosen as the new bachelorette for season 16, the reality TV star pondered her breakup from Galavis.

“A lot of people have seen that side of me that resisted Juan Pablo and is like” Don’t mess with me “and I’m still that strong woman,” said Crawley. Hello america in March 2020. “But what’s even more added to that is like I said, take off this armor and say in fact, I’m strong enough to let someone in, be vulnerable and open up and share that with them. “

Clare Crawley looks back on her life before and after “The Bachelor”

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In the episode of June 23 Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast with Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, Crawley shared how she’s grown since the Galavis season. Crawley revealed that she spoke with the producers about the possibility of becoming the next bachelorette – a role assigned to Andi Dorfman. however, The bachelorette The season 16 star hinted that she was not ready to become the new head at the time.

“In this area, there is so much more information that I never even talked about, even in this season of The single person“Said Crawley, noting that she was not ready to tell the world her story. “I had just had a really, really abusive relationship before Juan Pablo’s season. ”

Crawley went on to explain what happened after standing up to Galavis on The single person. “It took me a while after that to sit down and process this and say,” What just happened, what should I work on and why did it shake me ? “And I’m glad it shook me,” she said. “But I was just starting to do the work. ”

Crawley continued, “I was just starting to open up and find out everything about myself and why I had this moment. But even more, all the things that led to it that I still had to deal with. “

How Clare Crawley feels before filming “The Bachelorette”

Clare Crawley on “Bachelor in Paradise” | Rick Rowell / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

As Crawley approaches his season of The bachelorette, she seems more confident than ever.

“At the end of Juan Pablo’s season … I was weak, I didn’t know who I was,” she said. “I was not aware of myself, I guess. And now coming from there and doing the work over the course of my 30s, I’m an empowered woman now, a strong woman. ”

“I’m not always strong,” added Crawley. “There are many times I am weak. But most of all, I would say that I am a courageous woman now. And even when I’m weak, I always have the courage to do difficult things. It’s something I’m proud of now. ”

Crawley also wants her journey to inspire viewers who connect The bachelorette Season 16. “I want to be this woman for others to say and to see that we sometimes go through pretty awful things,” said Crawley, adding that she wants to give people hope that things can change for the better. .

Now, The bachelorette fans have to wait and see when Crawley’s season resumes filming. But she recently teased production will soon begin. So stay tuned.

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