Cineworld delays reopening of UK cinema to July 31


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Cineworld has postponed the reopening of its UK and US cinemas to July 31, delaying the release of new films.

The world’s second largest cinema chain, Cinemas, in the two countries reportedly opened on July 10.

Cineworld says of films, including Mulan and the Principle had been delayed from July to August.

In a statement, the company said the move was “in line with the latest adjustments to the schedule for upcoming film releases.”

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When it opens, Cineworld says there will be a number of measures in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, including contactless payments and corner capacity limits according to local regulations.

Earlier this year, the pandemic coronavirus forced Cineworld to close its 787 movie theaters in 10 countries after business owners forfeited their salaries and bonuses.

The UK company also halted dividend payments to lessen the impact on trade.

Cineworld chief executive Mooky Greidinger said other screen films this summer include A Quiet Place, Part II, The Gallery’s Broken Heart, Bill & Ted Facing Music and Before the Civil War, as well as of a re-release of Christopher Nolan, Inception on Imax.


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