Cinemas to reopen in France | NHK WORLD-JAPON News


Cinema fans in France are back in theaters after three months of closure due to the pandemic coronavirus.
There are around 6,000 cinema screens in theaters in France. The country has the fourth highest number of screens per person in the world. France to stop theaters in March to prevent the spread of the virus.
The French government has been gradually easing restrictions on outdoor activities and social events since May. The government says the reason is that the virus has spread under control. He gave cinemas the green light to open on Monday.
A theater in Paris has started screening films at midnight. About 120 fans have seats. They practiced social distance, and the different groups were separated from each other. Theater staff were forced to wear masks.
A 40-year-old woman from Paris said she had been waiting for this day for three months. She added that watching a movie in a theater is different from watching a movie at home.
Louis Merle is the co-owner of the theater. He said audiences can now share the pleasure of enjoying movies in theaters again.
The government says the sports stadiums and horse racetracks will reopen on July 11, if the virus has spread remains under control. But it says public numbers will be reduced.


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