Cinemas AMC does not require that customers wear masks to avoid “political controversy”


The CEO of AMC Theatres, Adam Aron, said that the chain would not require customers to wear masks – where the local governments do not require it – when it reopened theaters because she ” didn’t want to be dragged into a political controversy “. Variety reported.

Aron said to Variety that he ” would wear a mask and show the example “, but thought that this would be counter-productive if we forçions the port of the mask on the persons who believe firmly that it is not necessary “. He added that the company believes that the “vast majority” of its customers will be wearing masks. Aron said that AMC will not perform temperature control of customers, but will monitor employees for fevers and other symptoms of coronavirus.

AMC, the largest chain of theatres in the world, plans to reopen in 450 of its 600 rooms in the United States on July 15, with a limited capacity, after having closed all its theaters around the world in mid-march. The company recorded a net loss of $ 2.2 billion in the first quarter and has made “virtually no turnover” in the last two weeks of march, according to The Wall Street journal. AMC has also stated in his folder 8-K earlier this month that unless it is able to restart its operations in July, “there is substantial doubt about our ability to continue our operations for a reasonable period of time”.

Several films expected should make their debut in July, including the live-action Disney Mulan and Christopher Nolan Principle Warner Bros. Competitors of AMC, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark, have both announced their re-opening in stages, Cinemark starting as early as this week. Regal and Cinemark have also stated that they would not require that clients wear masks unless they are mandated by local governments.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that Americans wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The world health Organization (WHO) has also updated its guidance on 5 June, calling on people to wear masks “in public transport, in shops or in other confined environments or crowded”.

Some States, including California, have forced people to wear masks in public when companies start to reopen. But the president, Trump declared to the WSJ this week, it was thought that some Americans might wear facial masks as a way to “check in “disapproval” rather than as a measure of protection.


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