Chris Jericho explains why it’s the perfect time for Mike Tyson to have a match in AEW


Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by WrestleZone, where he discussed his hopes of a feud in the future with Mike Tyson. Jericho explained why the time has come for Tyson to have a match.”I’d like to see it go until the end,” said Jericho. “Mike has been an executor, Mike threw a punch which has knocked out someone, which is me, and Mike has been involved in the fight wild and woolly. The only thing he has never done is have a match, and I think it is the perfect time for him. The aura and the mystique of Mike Tyson are back. It looks great, you’ve seen his videos of combat, it’s fast moving, it is again, “Iron” Mike Tyson. ”

Jericho has discussed in the past the type of match he would have against Tyson. Jericho said that this would not be a good idea to put Tyson in a real boxing match and reiterated that he wanted to keep the aura of Tyson strong.

“Probably one of the worst things that you could do is put it in a real boxing match,” said Jericho. “Maybe if it is someone in his time, and that it is a kind of exposure and that kind of thing, but we want to keep the aura of Mike Tyson to the maximum, that is why AEW is perfect for him. We can do all the scenario that we choose, and to struggle is of all shapes and sizes, we can do everything we need to do, and plug it in any situation that we want to do.

“I think that there is no better person for that than Chris Jericho after all these years of doing it, which is a kind of ‘Mike Tyson’ fight. I never lost my will or my mystic but you can see that I make some of the best work of my career after doing this for 30 years. So it is a perfect match. ”

Jericho is also entered in the history that he had with Tyson. He explained that there is more to their story than a simple segment of the WWE, which happened ten years ago.

“Mike and I we know. We know each other for ten years, ” said Jericho. “We have a scenario built in, a built-in angle. This is not just something random, and the character of Chris Jericho which is perfectly logical that I would be obsessed with this for ten years, and that I would not be afraid of Mike Tyson. ”

“I know a lot of people say:” Are you crazy? You were face-to-face with Mike Tyson! “With Mike, there is no script, there is no repetition, it is going to do everything that he wants and that is good. there and I know that we are working on it, both sides, to do something like that. “


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