China’s ambassador ‘censored’ after ‘country that already claims ready-to-use vaccine’


The Chinese ambassador in London was “censored” after telling a group of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs that his country had produced a Covid-19 vaccine.

Liu Xiaoming said China was “advanced in terms of vaccine research,” insisting they were in phase four of the process – meaning the cure was ready to be deployed.


Liu Xiaoming said China had a Covid-19 vaccine ready to be deployedCredit: AFP or licensees

He said: “We are in the fourth phase of the process. We want to make that available to the world. »

Members of several international pharmaceutical companies participating in the “webinar” were reportedly shocked by the comments, the Mail reported on Sunday.

However, when the media requested a transcript of the meeting at the Chinese Embassy, after hearing a recording, the diplomats sent a document that had “modified” the words in “second phase”.

The second phase involves testing a drug on humans in trials.


According to the report, Beijing is sensitive to the fact that its work on the vaccine could be more advanced than in other countries because it has not disclosed data on the coronavirus that began in Wuhan late last year.

At the meeting, the ambassador also said: “We want the vaccine to be available and accessible to the poorest and least developed countries.

“We have always believed that Covid-19 brought the world closer together. We believe in a common future for humanity. »

This comes after it was reported that a vaccine against coronaviruses could be ready to be administered as an inhaler by next month.

Scientist performs quality control test of vaccine under development at OxfordCredit: Reuters

Trials of a vaccine under development by the University of Oxford are currently underway, with the initial goal of being available to the public in September.

Pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca said it would produce the vaccine lamp so it would be ready when final approval was given and planned to produce two billion doses with funding from Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.

The Oxford team would have “80 percent confidence” that the Covid-19 vaccine works in young people and says the vaccine could be given with a device such as an asthma inhaler next month.

The news came in an online conference for the Oxford University Centre for Personalized Medicine given by team member Professor Adrian Hill, reports the Daily Mail.

He said clinical trials will end once the vaccine has been clearly found to protect people.

“We assume this could happen around August – it could be before if cases don’t go down as quickly as expected, or later if we run out of cases,” he said.

The Oxford trial began in April and began recruiting up to 10,260 adults over the age of 55 and children.

AstraZeneca has already agreed to provide 100 million doses of the potential vaccine in the UK.

It also signed a massive $1 billion agreement for a coronavirus vaccine with the U.S. government.


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