China Suspends Certain Tyson Imports; UK Easing: Virus Update


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China said it was suspending imports of Tyson Foods poultry plant after a cluster of coronavirus cases. Germany has also identified outbreaks in the meat industry as the infection rate increased for a second day.

The UK plans to facilitate this week’s locking measures. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is considering an emergency reduction in value added tax, according to the Sunday Times.

Infections in the US increased the most in three weeks, from 30,000 for the second consecutive day on Saturday. At a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, President Donald Trump claimed the hatching growth in the United States was the result of increased testing. This is not backed up by the figures from the Covid Project Monitoring, which is based on state data.


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China Suspends Imports From Tyson Factory (5:43 h HK)

China Customs has said it will suspend imports from a Tyson Foods poultry slaughterhouse where it has been confirmed cluster of coronavirus infections. The plant is only identified by its registration code P5842. All plant products that are about to arrive in China or have arrived at the country’s ports will be seized by Customs, according to a statement from the government agency.

PepsiCo Se Peking Plant After Test (5:37 h HK)

PepsiCo China says it will close a local factory in Beijing after a coronavirus case was confirmed on June 15. The company performed nucleic acid tests on all employees on June 16 and quarantined 480 employees on June 20, even though they were all tested negative for the virus, one of its representatives, Fan Zhimin , said during a local administration information on the latest developments in the Beijing epidemic.

The company later said the plant closure was not involved in its beverage operations, and no cases have been reported at its beverage manufacturing plants.

Netanyahu Warns of Lockdown Second (5:28 a.m.KT)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Israel may have to renew its lockout. More than 20,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Israel, including 305 deaths. The number of cases increased steadily from less than 17,000 a month ago, after the restrictions were significantly eased and many people ignored the instructions to wear masks and maintain social distance.

“If we don’t change our behavior right away, and started to wear masks and keep a distance from each other, the lock will be back,” Netanyahu said. “None of us want that.”

Recovered from Patients Tested Positive in the Study (4:42 h HK)

In Denmark, a study of 200 patients who had recovered from Covid-19 showed that around 20% of them tested positive for coronavirus four or more weeks after they were declared healthy, TV2 reported. Scientists at Aarhus University said the preliminary results could indicate that the virus has been somehow “reactivated”, but there is nothing to suggest patients could be contagious, said Martin Tolstrup, the doctor behind the study. Scientists will now carry out new tests to determine if the virus is still active in patients’ bodies.

In Germany the Infection Rate Increases (2:16 h HK)

The virus’s reproductive factor, known as R-nothing, rose to 1.79 on Saturday compared to 1.06 the day before, according to the latest German daily report on body health, the Robert Koch Institute. There were 371 new infections in the 24 hours until Sunday morning, bringing the total to 190,670, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That compares with 439 on average over the past seven days and nearly 7,000 at the peak of the pandemic in late March.

Australia Victoria Extended Emergency (1:18 a.m. HK)

After a slight increase in the number of cases, the Australian state government, whose capital is Melbourne, has declared that it will continue to apply physical confinement and isolation through July 20. The state recorded 19 new cases from Saturday to Sunday, the fifth day of double-digit hikes and most of any Australian jurisdiction, after reaching one to two months from 25 on Saturday.

Indonesian Copper and Gold Mine Operations (12:28 p.m. HK)

PT Freeport Indonesia, the giant Grasberg gold and copper mine operates normally despite 188 employees testing positive for the coronavirus, President and CEO Tony Wenas told MetroTV. The Papua-mine exit is “better than expected,” Wenas said, even as society demands physical distance from measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

Four people died from the virus and 134 were released from the hospital, Wenas said. Indonesia has the highest number of cases in Southeast Asia at over 45,000, and also the highest number of deaths at over 2,400.

Saudi Arabia Elevators Restrictions (12:12 p.m. HK)

Saudi Arabia has decided to resume all business activities and lift restrictions on movement from Sunday, even as the coronavirus cases show no signs of loosening. The curfew is lifted across the country from 6 a.m. local time, but international travel and the Muslim pilgrimage known as Umrah will continue to be banned.

The United Arab Emirates may reopen public and private universities and schools in September depending on developments, the Gulf News reported.

Philippine Baby Boom Lock (10:28 h HK)

In the Philippines can see about 214,000 babies born into unintended pregnancies next year, as locking the stem of the virus epidemic has also prevented access to contraception, the Star reported.

A first study by the University of the Philippines’s Population Institute showed that strict quarantine measures imposed across most of the nation for at least two months from mid-March also prevented a third of Health care workers report from health centers that offer family planning services, the report said.

United Kingdom Sunak Thinking About Cutting VAT (9:26 a.m.KT)

Sunak asked officials to prepare various options to reduce the levy, the Sunday Times said. He could make the announcement during a speech scheduled for early July. The UK economy shrank by a fifth in April, unemployment insurance claims doubled to almost $ 3 million and the national debt is now above 100% of economic output, for the first time since 1963, when the immense cost of government efforts to save jobs and livelihoods batteries in place. Infections increased by 304,580, while deaths reached 42,674.

On Saturday, Sunak suggested that England’s social distance rules may be relaxed, making a decision is due in the coming week. The 2-meter (6-foot, 6-inch) ruler, in place since March, has been criticized for undermining efforts to reopen shops, bars and other parts of the economy.

Non-essential stores opened this week, and pubs, cafes, and restaurants are slated to restart as early as July 4.

Venezuela Restores Lockdown (9:17 p.m. HK)

The seven-day curbs in 10 states include traffic restrictions on major highways, highways and tracks, while the metro station at Caracas and rail service near the capital will be closed, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced in a PLAT address.

Trump Speech at Tulsa Rally (8:30 a.m.KT)

In addition to saying he did a “phenomenal” job with the coronavirus and “saved hundreds and thousands of lives” by limiting travel from China and Europe, the president also questioned the number of cases. US schools fall that children have a low risk of contracting the disease, he said, recalling that the United States tested more people than anywhere else.

Six Trumpet team advance re-election campaigners tested positive for Covid-19 ahead of Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while Tulsa County reported a 6.6% increase in cases on Saturday

US cases rose by 34,284 from the same time on Friday to 2.24 million, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News. The 1.6% increase was above the daily average increase of 1.2% in the past week. Deaths increased 0.6% to 119,460.

Brazil Business Increase 3.4% (6:35 a.m., HK)

Brazil reported 34,666 new cases, an increase of 3.4%, bringing the national total to $ 1.07 million, according to the Health Reports of Secretaries known as Conass on its website. The death toll fell by 1,022, or 2.1%, to 49,976.

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